Alias: Sometimes the Truth Hurts


S01-E01 :: "Truth Be Told" (Pilot) :: Original Airdate: 09.30.01
Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner), was recruited in college to work for a top-secret divison of the CIA called SD-6. After Sydney's dreams seem to be coming true when her boyfriend proposes marriage, Sydney starts to realize that SD-6 may not be all she thinks it to be.

S01-E02 :: "So It Begins" :: Original Airdate: 10.07.01
Sydney accidently gives SD-6 access to a nuclear weapon, forcing her to head to Cairo and take on a dangerous foe; Will questions the circumstances surrounding Danny's death.

S01-E03 :: "Parity" :: Original Airdate: 10.14.01
Sydney finds trouble in the form of her arch nemesis while in Madrid to retrieve a 500-year-old sketch; Will investigates Danny's death.

S01-E04 :: "A Broken Heart" :: Original Airdate: 10.21.01
Sydney and Dixon take on a case involving the safety of the United Commerce Organization. Francie confronts her boyfriend about his secret meetings with a woman.

S01-E05 :: "Doppelgänger" :: Original Airdate: 10.28.01
A CIA computer expert works with Bristow and Vaughn to bring down organization SD-6.

S01-E06 :: "Reckoning" :: Original Airdate: 11.18.01
Sydney goes under cover in a mental institution to obtain information from an assassin who has been programmed to forget his deadly profession.

S01-E07 :: "Color-Blind" :: Original Airdate: 11.25.01
Sydney finds out Shepard is connected to her past and the truth about her father's involvement in her mother's death.

S01-E08 :: "Time Will Tell" :: Original Airdate: 12.02.01
As Syd hits Mexico for info on an ancient clock linked to the Rambaldi case, Sloane fires up his deadly plan to silence the SD-6's mole; Will struggles to kill a front-page piece on Danny's murder until a high-tech bug in Kate Jones' car takes his story in a new direction.

S01-E09 :: "Mea Culpa" :: Original Airdate: 12.09.01
Sloane is told that Sydney is the SD-6 mole, putting her life in danger; Dixon is shot; Will thinks Kate Jones' pin is the key to some unexpected information.

S01-E10 :: "Spirit" :: Original Airdate: 12.16.01
The holidays take a terrifying turn as Sydney's cover is blown and she lands in the hands of the sadistic Sloane. Awakening in a top-secret SD-6 torture chamber, Syd realizes her double-agent days are over. But before Sloane can get her to crack, Jack pulls a fast one to save his abducted daughter, who then takes a risky mission to win back his trust. Things go from bad to worse, however, once Syd discovers that her new assignment has put dear old dad in hot water with one of Sloane's most wanted foes.

S01-E11 :: "The Confession" :: Original Airdate: 01.06.02
Sydney is grateful and proud of her father after he saves her life while on a case in Havana. But her admiration is short lived when Vaughn discovers further evidence that Jack may have been responsible for the deaths of over a dozen CIA officers many years earlier.

S01-E12 :: "The Box" (Part I) :: Original Airdate: 01.20.02
When armed intruders take over SD-6, led by McKenas Cole (Quentin Tarantino) -- a man bent on exacting revenge on ex-boss Sloane -- Sydney and Jack must work together to save their colleagues. Meanwhile, Will fears that his investigation of SD- 6 and its link to the murder of Eloise Kurtz is placing his life in jeopardy, Vaughn's relationship with Sydney is questioned by the agency and Sydney discovers some disturbing news about her mother's past.

S01-E13 :: "The Box" (Part II) :: Original Airdate: 02.10.02
Vaughn disobeys orders and attempts to help Sydney and Jack avert the destruction of SD-6 headquarters and all its occupants, as McKenas Cole continues his vendetta against Sloane and searches for a mysterious device. Meanwhile, evidence and a desperate but determined woman convince Will to continue his investigation of SD-6 and the imprisonment of David McNeil...

S01-E14 :: "The Coup" :: Original Airdate: 02.24.02
Sydney and Dixon are sent to Las Vegas to gather information from a K-Directorate agent who has ties to the group that attacked and nearly destroyed SD-6. Meanwhile, Sydney learns some shocking news about Francie's fiancé, Charlie, that tests her ability to juggle both aspects of her life, as her personal and professional worlds collide; Will begins his journey in discovering what SD-6 really is; and Jack continues to try to be more of a father to Sydney when he helps her decide whether or not to continue with graduate school.

S01-E15 :: "Page 47" :: Original Airdate: 03.03.02
Sydney doesn't know how to react when Vaughn asks her to use her friendship with Sloane's wife, Emily (Amy Irving), to gain access to a mysterious Rambaldi book which happens to be under lock and key in a safe at Sloane's home. Meanwhile, Will's life begins to spin out of control when he is kidnapped and told to drop his investigation of SD-6 or risk the lives of his family and friends -- including Sydney's.

S01-E16 :: "The Prophecy" :: Original Airdate: 03.10.02
With the reluctant blessings of Vaughn and the CIA, Sydney is tested by the DSR to discover her mysterious link to a chilling 500-year-old picture and prophecy foretold in a Rambaldi manuscript. Meanwhile, after uncovering the identity of the rogue group leader -- "The Man" -- Sloane learns through fellow Alliance of Twelve member Edward Poole (Roger Moore) that a close friend may be in cahoots with the enemy; and Sloane's wife, Emily, admits to Sydney that the fear of finding out the cause of her pain kept her from seeing a doctor in time to effectively diagnose and treat her cancer.

S01-E17 :: "Q&A" :: Original Airdate: 03.17.02
While the FBI detains and questions Sydney about her ties to a mysterious Rambaldi prophecy, Vaughn and Jack must find a way to clear her name before her cover is blown and SD-6 is made aware of the situation. But in her quest to prove her innocence, Sydney makes a chilling discovery that shocks even her usually unflappable father.

S01-E18 :: "Masquerade" :: Original Airdate: 04.07.02
While on a case in Vienna to track the activities of "The Man" Alexander Khasinau, Sydney is stunned when she runs into her ex-lover, fellow agent Noah Hicks, who broke her heart and left without saying goodbye five years earlier. He resurfaces to help Sydney snag a device owned by "The Man" that holds the key to her mother's KGB work and possible whereabouts. Before long, Sydney and Noah realize that their feelings for one another are as strong as ever. Meanwhile, Sydney tells Sloane that she wants to find her mother and asks for his cooperation in the matter. Sloane owns up to his part in a cover-up that takes a severe emotional toll on Jack. Jack is ordered to see CIA psychiatrist Dr. Barnett to help him deal with his churning emotions after discovering that his wife may still be alive. Will and Francie become suspicious of Sydney's activities and fear she has something to hide after finding one of her airline ticket stubs.

S01-E19 :: "Snowman" :: Original Airdate: 04.14.02
As emotional flames of passion ignite between Sydney and Noah, Sloane begins to question where Noah's true allegiances lie. Sydney is torn between following her heart and finding her mother after Noah offers her a way out of SD-6 just as a KGB tape of Irina Derevko surfaces. But once she makes her decision, an assassin steps in to change her mind -- and all the rules. Meanwhile, Sydney continues to uncover startling new information about her mother, which proves disturbing to Jack. Jack seeks out Barnett's aid after hitting bottom. Vaughn begins to hide his agent's info from the FBI. A rogue assassin known as the Snowman is dispatched by K-Directorate to kill Khasinau (AKA "The Man"). Will and Francie confront Sydney about the mysterious airline ticket stub found in her jacket and her secret travel plans.

S01-E20 :: "The Solution" :: Original Airdate: 04.21.02
In order to catch Khasinau and get closer to finding her mother, Sydney and Vaughn set up an undercover sale of a Rambaldi artifact with Khasinau's representative, Mr. Sark (guest star David Anders). But Sydney's cover with Vaughn may be compromised when an SD-6 agent is sent in to thwart the sale. Meanwhile, Will is enticed to continue his investigation of SD-6 when he learns the identity of one his kidnappers, and Sloane is forced to make the most difficult decision of his life when his terminally ill wife, Emily, tells Sydney that she knows about SD-6.

S01-E21 :: "Rendezvous" :: Original Airdate: 05.05.02
Life as Will knows it is about to change forever when he's sent to find the person responsible for leaking information to him about SD-6. Meanwhile, Sloane finds himself on the cusp of finally tracking down Khasinau when SD-6 captures "The Man's" right-hand man, Mr. Sark; Dixon becomes suspicious of Sydney's activities; and Sloane continues to await the Alliance's decision regarding the fate of his wife, Emily.

S01-E22 :: "Almost Thirty Years" (Season Finale) :: Original Airdate: 05.12.02
In order to save Will's life, Sydney and Vaughn must destroy a familiar looking Rambaldi device, while Jack makes a risky deal with Khasinau's representative, Mr. Sark. Meanwhile, the CIA believes that one of their own is a mole for "The Man"; the Alliance comes to a decision regarding the fate of Emily Sloane; Dixon's suspicions about Sydney intensify; and Sydney finds herself face-to-face with "The Man."


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