Warren Zevon "Keep Me in Your Heart" The Wind, Track 11 Montage.

Louis Prima "Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think)" Beepin' & Boppin', Track 7 Closing Scenes.

Motopony "Euphoria" Motopony, Track 11 Closing Scenes.

Gareth Dunlop "Trick Of The Moonlight" Devil Mocks Me, Track 4 Opening Scenes.

Kathleen Edwards "A Soft Place to Land" Voyageur, Track 3 Chase says goodbye to Foreman.

Steppenwolf "Rock Me" Gold, Disc 1, Track 14 Corvette.

Motorhead "Ace of Spades" The Very Best Of..., Track 4 Buzzing a funeral procession, crashing the 'vette.

Georgia Steamroller "Radar Love" [?], Track [?] Closing Scenes.

Coco Steel & Lovebomb "Yachts (A Man Called Adam mix)" Hotel Costes - Etage 3 - by Stephane Pompougnac, Track 5 Painkiller duo.

Journey "Any Way You Want It" Greatest Hits, Track 6 Unconsious-Wilson photo-montage.

Wilco "Black Moon" The Whole Love, Track 5 Dominika leaves.

The Association "Never My Love" Greatest Hits, Track 4 Wheeling Amy.

Lionel Richie "Hello" Can't Slow Down, Track 8 House and Wilson in the toy store.

Lee Dorsey "Everything I Do Gohn Be Funky (From Now On)" The New Lee Dorsey, Track 19 Closing Scenes.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

Amy Grant "Every Heartbeat" [?], Track [?] Dominika dances.

Ben Howard "Promise" Every Kingdom, Track 10 Closing Scenes.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

Dropkick Murphys "The Spicy McHaggis Jig" Sing Loud, Sing Proud, Track 16 Turtle races.

Foy Vance "Be the Song" (Single) Waking Life, Track n/a Closing Scenes.

Morgan Taylor Reid "Simply Human" Simply Human, Track 6 Closing Scenes.

Schuyler Fisk "Waking Life" (Single) Waking Life, Track n/a Closing Scenes.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

Richard A Whiting "Ain't We Got Fun" [?], Track [?] Opening Scenes (Annual Community Service Award).

Cat Stevens "Morning Has Broken" Greatest Hits, Track 11 Opening Scenes (cleaning up) / Closing Scenes (Adams vents).

The Wellspring "The Ballad of El Goodo" download the track for free: thewellspringmusic.com Closing Scenes.

Celine Dion "My Heart Will Go On" (OST) Titanic, Track 14 House and Wilson's "song"

Fink "Yesterday was Hard On All of Us" Perfect Darkness, Track 3 Wilson punches House.

Awolnation "Sail" Megalithic Symphony, Track 10 Lining up for meds.

Rupert Holmes "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" [?], Track [?] Taub's wife calls (ringtone).

Spoon "Got Nuffin'" [?], Track [?] House strolls the beach.

My Morning Jacket "Victory Dance" [?], Track [?] House preps for surgery.

Nina Sky "Move Ya Body" Nina Sky, Track 2 Taub and Foreman in the Strip Club.

Bon Iver "Flume" For Emma, Forever Ago, Track 1 Closing Scenes.

Sonny Boy Willamson "Unseen Eye" Mardi Gras Festival, Vol. 2, Track 13 House explains to Wilson why Terry collapsed in the ring.

Diego Clare and Limetree Warehouse "On The Line" [?], Track [?] Montage: Chase awakes beside his latest conquest; Foreman works on his blood pressure; Long lost loves are reunited.

The Rolling Stones "You Can't Always Get What You Want" Forty Licks, Track 6 (Disk 1) Closing Scene, Masters decides against the internship.

Barn Owl "Visions In The Dust" Ancestral Star, Track 2 Meeting Harold Lam.

S. Carey "In the Dirt" All We Grow, Track 3 Closing Scenes.

The Binges "Motorcycle Song" [?], Track [?] Monster truck.

Black Lab "This Night" Passion Leaves a Trace, Track 4 8 seconds.

The Music "Take the Long Road and Walk It" The Music, Track 2 Opening Scenes.

Edvard Grieg "In the Hall of the Mountain King" Classical Best Sellers, Track 35 House "shoots" the prostitute with an arrow.

Peter Gabriel (Arcade Fire cover) "My Body is a Cage" Scratch My Back, Track 7 Closing Scene.

[HOUSE cast] "Come On Get Happy." n/a, Track [?] Surgery dream.

The Prodigy "Stand Up" Invaders Must Die, Track 1 Dinner date.

Damien Jurado "Everything Trying" Caught In The Trees, Track 9 Losing the patient.

Fyfe Dangerfield "Barricades" Fly Yellow Moon, Track 3 A drunk House gives a relationship speech to Cuddy.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

The Constellations "Felicia" Southern Gothic, Track 7 House and Wilson at the bar.

Wilco "How to Fight Loneliness" Summerteeth, Track 8 Closing Scenes.

The Chordettes "Mr. Sandman" Lollipop, Track 2 Cuddy shops with her mother and sister.

Mason Jennings "The Light" Birds Flying Away, Track 11 Cuddy and her mom reconnect post-surgery.

LCD Soundsystem "No Love Lost" All My Friends, Track 3 Opening Scenes.

Crowded House "Falling Dove" Intriguer, Track 5 Coda.

The National "Start a War" Boxer, Track 8 Taub throws paint at the his billboard | House chills on his couch.

V.V. Brown "Shark In the Water" Travelling Like The Light, Track 3 Wingman | Taub confronts his wife over her emotional affair | House dances with Cuddy.

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] "This one's on the bro?" | Taub asks his wife to stop.

Toni Braxton "You Mean the World to Me" Ultimate Toni Braxton, Track 6 Wilson's proposal.

Ohio Players "Love Rollercoaster" Honey, Track 6 Chase is a ho.

Jude "I Know" No One Is Really Beautiful, Track 9 Closing Scenes.

The Black Ryder "All That We See" Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride, Track 8 Closing Scenes.

White Denim "I Start to Run" Fits, Track 5 Foreman and Taub on the basketball court.

Bill Callahan "Night" Woke On A Whaleheart, Track 8 Case aftermath.

Jonny Kaplan And The Lazy Stars "Ride Free" Ride Free, Track 2 House goes bike shopping with Wilson.

Doug Paisley "End of the Day" Constant Companion, Track 4 Closing Scenes.

The Black Angels "Telephone" Phosphene Dream, Track 9 Go-cart double date.

!!! Chk Chik Chick "AM/FM" Strange Weather, Isn't It?, Track 1 Skate park.

Joe Purdy "Good Days" Take My Blanket and Go, Track 5 "I love you."

Edvard Grieg "Peer Gynt Suite for Orchestra No.1 Op. 46: Aases's Death" Grieg: Greatest Hits, Track 2 Agreeing to the amputation | "How do I know I'm not hallucinating?"

Buddy Guy and Junior Wells "In The Wee Hours" Hoodoo Man Blues, Track 5 House empties his bottle at home and leaves.

Shuggie Otis "Me and My Woman" Shuggy Otis Plays The Blues, Track 5 House overpays and reclaims his possessions at the pawn show.

Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel "Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)" The Best Years Of Our Lives, Track 6 House and Alvie play football in the apartment.

[Jesse Spencer, Hugh Laurie and Omar Epps] "Midnight Train To Georgia" n/a Chase, House and Foreman do karaoke.

Jude "The Way That You Want Me" [?], Track [?] Closing Scenes.

[Hugh Laurie] "Pastime with Good Company" n/a House sings.

Richard and Linda Thompson "Just The Motion" Shoot Out The Lights, Track 4 Closing Scenes.

Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood "Tootie Ma Is A Big Fine Thing" Out Louder, Track 5 Foreman and Taub agree to snoop in the staff files.

The Derek Trucks Band "Volunteered Slavery" Songlines, Track 1 Foreman and Taub decide to take pills.

Alberto Turco and Nova Schola Gregoriana "Intoitus: Adorate Deum" Adorate Deum, Track 1 Taub and Foreman -- trippin'

Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood "Tequila And Chocolate" Out Louder, Track 4 "Hit me in the face."

Les Yeux Noirs "Les Deux Guitares Tzigane Russe" Suites, Track 12 Taub and Foreman chase around in the archives.

Elvis Costello "Alison" The Best Of The First 10 Years, Track 2 Chase and Cameron dance.

Billy Bragg and Wilco feat. Natalie Merchant "Birds And Ships" Mermaid Avenue, Track 4 Cuddy finds the missing child.

Mabel Mercer "Once In A Blue Moon" Once In A Blue Moon, Track 1 Closing scenes.

Procol Harum "Whiter Shade of Pale" Greatest Hits, Track 2 Closing Scenes.

Norah Jones "Chasing Pirates" The Fall, Track 1 Opening Scenes.

The Dynamites "What's It Gonna Be" Burn It Down, Track 1 Speed dating.

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] "Feral Pleasures" Porn Soundtrack.

JJ Grey & Mofro "The Sun Is Shining Down" Country Ghetto, Track 11 No answers.

Mofro "Lochloosa" Lochloosa, Track 3 Closing Scenes.
EPISODE 13 "5 TO 9"

The Pretenders "Break Up The Concrete" Break Up the Concrete, Track 10 Opening scenes.

Eric Bibb "Shine On" Diamond Days, Track 3 Closing scenes.

Teddybears "Rocket Science" Rocket Scientist, Track 1 Opening scenes.

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] Halfway house.

Fiona Apple "Why Try To Change Me Now" The Best Is Yet To Come - The Songs Of Cy Coleman, Track 3 Closing Scenes.

Dean Martin "Sway" Dino: The Essential Dean Martin, Track 5 Dinner/Marriage Proposal.

Funkadelic "Maggot Brain" Maggot Brain, Track 1 Patient's final moments/the bust montage.

Original Broadway Cast "One" A Chorus Line, Track 11 Wilson sings to torture House.

[George Michael] "Faith" Faith, Track 1 House wakes Wilson.

A.A. Bondy "A Slow Parade" When the Devil's Loose, Track 2 Donation/operation.

James Taylor "Games People Play" [?], Track [?] Thanksgiving ditch/guilt.

James Taylor "Enditol" [?], Track [?] Closing Scenes.

The Whitest Boy Alive "Golden Cage" Dreams, Track 2 Opening scenes.

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] Porn soundtrack.

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] Foreman talks to Thirteen at a diner.

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] House harasses Thirteen at the gym.

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] Porn soundtrack 2.

Jets Overhead "Where Did you Go" Bridges , Track 12 Closing Scenes.

Metric "Stadium Love" Fantasies, Track 10 Opening scenes: Standing on line.

Metallica "Fuel" Re-Load, Track 1 Diagnostic drumsticks.

Men Without Hats "Safety Dance" Greatest Hits, Track 1 1880/1980's confusion.

Cydi Lauper "Time After Time" The Best of, Track 2 House's slow dance with Cuddy.

Monotonix "Set Me Free" Where Were You When It Happened?, Track 5 Opening scenes: the chase.

Ben Harper And Relentless Seven "Faithfully Remain" White Lies For Dark Times, Track 11 Closing scenes.

Fanfarlo "Fire Escape" Reservoir, Track 5 House bumps into Thirteen at Cafe Bruge.

Ray LaMontagne "Sarah" Gossip In the Grain, Track 3 Closing Scenes.

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] Foreman and Thirteen have dinner.

(Ringo Starr) "You Allways Hurt The One You Love" Sentimental Journey, Track 10 House sings.

Radiohead "No Surprises" OK Computer, Track 10 Opening sequence: House detoxes.

Billy Moon, Sharkey & Zooks from the Spark "Little Cabin Song" Sharkey's Machine, Track 4 Basketball in the yard.

(Robert Alexander Schumann) "Kinderszenen Op. 15" [?], Track [?] House meets Lydia (as she plays the piano) for the first time.

Iron & Wine "Love Vigilantes" Around the Well, Track [?] Solitary in a padded cell.

(Ludwig van Beethoven) "Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 67: Allegro Con Brio" [?], Track [?] House plays Beethoven on the piano.

Stanton Moore "Poison Pushy" Stanton Moore III, Track 1 Choreographed beatdown.

James Hunter "No Smoke Without Fire" People Gonna Talk, Track 2 Fake cooperation/Privilege tally.

(Franz Schubert) "Impromptu #3 in B flat" [?], Track [?] Lydia plays Schubert on the piano, and lets House's "charm wash over" her.

(Hugh Laurie) "For He Is An Englishman" [?], Track [?] Urine sample procurement. House sings.

Cass McCombs "Harmonia" Catacombs, Track 6 Grand theft auto.

Big Strides "I Do Not Fear Jazz" I Do Not Fear Jazz, Track 1 Cruisin' in the beetle.

Sly & The Family Stone "Life" Greatest Hits, Track 4 Flying.

Brad Mehldau Trio "No Moon At All" Day Is Done, Track 10 "Just open up."

Oscar Peterson Trio "Night Train" Night Train, Track 1 [?]

Oscar Peterson Trio "I Love Paris" [?], Track [?] Telling intimate secrets.

Cole Porter "Every Time We Say Goodbye" The Very Best of Cole Porter, Track 16 House involves Lydia in his hijinx.

(Robert Alexander Schumann) "Kinderszenen, Op. 15" [?], Track [?] House plays Schumann on the piano.

Los Del Rio "Macarena/Macarena River Remix" The Best of Los del Rio, Track 10 Talent show.

(Dean Martin) "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" [?], Track [?] Hal Richter and Jay-Bird sing.

(Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) "The Magic Flute" [?], Track [?] The music box plays.

(Johann Sebastian Bach) "Cello Suite #1, Prelude in G Major" [?], Track [?] "Silent Girl" plays Bach on the cello.

The Frames "Seven Day Mile" Dance the Devil, Track 2 Leaving Mayfield.

The Doobie Brothers "China Grove" [?], Track [?] Air gruitar.

Vitamin String Quartet "As Tears Go By" [?], Track [?] Closing Scenes.

Philip Glass "String Quartet No. 2 (Company)" Kronos Quartet Performs Philip Glass, Track 10 Ballet rehearsal.

[Anne Dudek] "Yankee Doodle Dandy" [?], Track [?] Amber harasses House with a ukelele.

M. Ward "Never Had Nobody Like You" Hold Time, Track 2 Onion rings, well done.

Hanson "MMMBop" Middle of Nowhere, Track 2 House's "Team" ringtone

[Anne Dudek] "Enjoy Yourself" [?], Track [?] Amber serenades a horrified House.

Dawn Landes "Drive" Straight Lines, Track [?] Closing Scenes.

Public Enemy "Fight The Power" Fear of a Black Planet, Track 20 "Boom Box" test.

Vibrolux "Spread Your Love" Ride On, Track 9 Foreteen: Checking off House's list o'stripper requirements.

Ramsey Lewis & Mr. Scruff "Do What You Wanna (Mr. Scruff's Soul Party Remix)" Verve Remixed, Volume 2, Track 8 House lights drinks at Chases's bachelor party.

Jada "American Cowboy" American Cowboy, Track [?] Bachelor party in full swing / Pantless Wilson.

Bumblebeez 81 "Pink Fairy Floss" The Printz, Track 13 Strawberry anaphylaxis.

[?] "This Land Is Your Land" [?], Track [?] Protest.

Hugh Laurie "Georgia On My Mind" [?], Track [?] Closing Scenes.

Pete Yorn "Lose You" Musicforthemorningafter, Track 5 Funeral / no simple answer.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

Ted Nugent "Stranglehold" Ted Nugent, Track 1 Hotwheels: Jumping the Shark.

Steve Winwood "I'm Not Drowning" Nine Lives, Track 1 Closing Scenes.

Badly Drawn Boy "The Shining" The Hour of Bewilderbeast, Track 1 Closing Scenes.

Soul Coughing "$300" El Oso, Track 8 Shaving.

Galactic "Bobski 2000" Late for the Future, Track 12 Wilson stops by to check on House.

The Doves "Firesuite" Lost Souls, Track 1 Jesus calling!

Jon Cleary "Got To Be More Careful" Pin Your Spin, Track 10 Taub talks to Ryan in the diner.

Hugh Laurie "Cuddy's Serenade" [?], Track [?] Closing Scenes.

Joshua Radin "Brand New Day" Simple Times, Track 5 Closing Scenes.

Cory Chisel & the Wandering Sons "On My Side" [EP] Cabin Ghosts, Track 4 Closing Scenes.

Ray LaMontagne "I Still Care For You" Gossip in the Grain, Track 4 Case resolution.

Bobby Helms "Jingle Bell Rock" Jingle Bell Rock, Track 1 [?]

A Fine Frenzy "Whisper" One Cell In the Sea, Track 3 Resolution montage.

Gavin DeGraw "The Christmas Song" [OST] Four Christmases, Track 7 Foreteen.

(Harry Nilsson) "Coconut" [?], Track [?] Patient sings blankly.

Yppah "It's Not The Same" You Are Beautiful at All Times, Track 11 Opening scenes.

Chris Clark "Herzog" Body Riddle, Track 4 Jason takes hostages.

Four Tet "Glue of the World" Pause, Track 1 Two hostages are released.

The Dead Texan "A Chronicle of Early Failures, Part 1" The Dead Texan, Track 3 Smoke clears / Aftermath.

Bonobo "Between The Lines (Instrumental)" Days to Come, Disc 1, Track 3 Closing Scnes.

Alexi Murdoch "Through the Dark" [Currently Unreleased], Track [n/a] Closing montage.

Big Star "I'm In Love With a Girl" #1 Record/Radio City, Track 24 Closing montage.

Daniel Lanois "Fire" Shine, Track 11 Cuddy's loss / POTW recovery.

The Kills "Cheap and Cheerful" Midnight Boom, Track 2 Opening "makeout" scene.

Joseph Arthur "Could We Survive" Could We Survive [EP], Track 4 Thirteen stays with Spencer.

Annie Lennox "Dark Road" Songs of Mass Destruction, Track 1 Closing scenes.

Hanson "MMMBop" Middle of Nowhere, Track 2 House's "Team" ringtone

Kaki King "First Brain" Until We Felt Red, Track 6 Opening Scene: Painting.

(Ray Charles) "Drown In My Own Tears" (What'd I Say, Track 4) House and Lucas jam.

The Crystal Method "Vice" [ost] London, Track 7 "Dropping like flies" opening montage.

Dave Matthews Band "You Might Die Trying" Stand Up, Track 12 House has his answer... but not the solution.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

José González "Teardrop" In Our Nature, Track 5 "Taking the safe approach" montage.

Bon Iver "Re: Stacks" For Emma, Forever Ago, Track 9 Amber's fate/Saying goodbye.

People In Planes "Light For The Deadvine" As Far As the Eye Can See, Track 9 "Heavenly" bus.

Iron & Wine "Passing Afternoon" Our Endless Numbered Days, Track 12 Closing Scenes.

Chingy "U A Freak (Nasty Girl)" Hoodstar, Track 9 Opening scenes/the strip club.

!!! Chk Chik Chick "There's No F*cking Rules, Dude" !!! Chk Chik Chick, Track 5 House hallucinates Cuddy performing a striptease while helping him with the diagnosis.

The Beta Band "Needles In My Eyes" The Three E.P.'s, Track 12 Waiting for the treatment to take effect.

Kristen Mari "I Want It" N My Shoes, Track 12 Bowling with Chase: Too much axis tilt.

Sly & The Family Stone "Everyday People" Greatest Hits, Track 8 Bowling with Chase: Cameron's one insufferable friend.

The Supremes "You Keep Me Hangin' On" Gold, Disc 1, Track 16 Closing scenes.

Richard Kaplan "Niggun of the Alter Rebbe" Journeys in Jewish Sacred Music, Track [?] Wedding tradition/celebration.

Waldeck "Jerry Weintraub" Ballroom Stories, Track [?] At the fusion cafe.

Rolling Stones "Waiting On A Friend" Tattoo You, Track 11 Closing Scenes.

Marvin Gaye "Let's Get It On" The Very Best of..., Track 6 Long-distance physical exam.

Civil Twilight "Human" Human, Track 6 Setting Kate's toe.

Mungal "Awake" [?], Track [?] Background music at the restaurant.

Frank Sinatra "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" The Stars Come Out For Christmas, Track [?] House philosophises about lies with Wilson.

Felix Gross "Love For Christmas" Savoy Christmas Blues, Track [?] Cuddy asks House for money for the Nurse's Station.

Jimmy Butler "Trim Your Tree" Blues, Blues Christmas, Track 7 Kutner gives House his present.

The Fab Four "The Little Drummer Boy" [?], Track [?] The team talks about gifts for House.

Roy Hargrove "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" A Merry Jazzmas, Track 2 House talks to Wilson at the xmas party.

The Ramsey Lewis Trio "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" Sound Of Christmas, Track [?] New and old ducklings meet up at the xmas party.

The Staple Singers "Who Took The Merry Out Of Christmas?" We'll Get Over, Track [?] Closing Scenes: Mary and her donkey.

Alan Milman Sect + Man-Ka-Zam "Nicotine Caffeine" [?], Track [?] The Club's back alley.

Pussy Galore "Kicked Out" Dial 'M' for Motherfucker, Track [?] House plays the tuneless song for Wilson | In House's office | Inducing a seizure.

(Composed by Hugh Laurie) "[?]" [?], Track [?] Sounds "folky."

Norman Greenbaum "Spirit in the Sky" Spirit in the Sky, Track [?] Closing Scenes.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

The Verve "Slide Away" A Storm in Heaven, Track 2 Train tunnel/"Just another face in the crowd."

Joseph Arthur "My Home Is In Your Head" And The Thieves Are Gone, Track 2 Surgery go-ahead.

My Morning Jacket "One Big Holiday" It Still Moves, Track 5 Opening Scenes.

(Linda Lyndell) "(Whatta Man)" Very Necessary, Track 4 House's ringtone.

Lizz Wright "I Idolize You" myspace.com/lizzwright Closing Scenes.

The White Stripes "We're Going To Be Friends" White Blood Cells, Track 9 Closing Scenes.

DJ Harry "All My Life" Collision, Track 4 Opening teaser.

Hot Hot Heat "Let Me In" Happiness Ltd., Track [?] The last song on the radio.

Alanis Morissette "Not As We" Flavors of Entanglement, Track 5 House contemplates the afterlife.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

The Commodores "Slippery When Wet" The Ultimate Collection, Track 2 Air guitar.

Josh Ritter "Good Man" Animal Years, Track 4 Closing scenes.

Iron Butterfly "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, Track 6 Nate trips out on mushrooms.

Otis Rush "Whole Lotta Lovin'" The Sonet Blues Story, Track [?] Peppermint tea.

AC/DC "Highway To Hell" Highway To Hell, Track 1 House's new "flame cane."

Brett Dennen "Ain't No Reason" So Much More, Track 1 Closing Scenes.

Matthew Ryan "Follow the Leader" From A Late Night High Rise, Track 1 Autopsy/Foreman's guilt.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

A Fine Frenzy "Hope for the Hopeless" One Cell In The Sea, Track 13 Closing Scenes.

The Replacements "Bastards of Young" Don't You Know Who I Think I Was?, Track 11 Photo Shoot.

Lucinda Williams "Are You Alright?" West, Track 1 Closing Scenes.

K.C. & The Sunshine Band "Get Down Tonight" Best of..., Track 2 In the Hummer.

Wolfmother "Dimension" Wolfmother, Track 1 Hummer attack.

Franz Schubert "Trout Piano Quintet in A major" [?], Track [?] Dye injection/loss of hearing.

Curtis Mayfield "Superfly" [OST] Superfly, Track 9 Closing scenes.

Ludwig van Beethoven "Waldstein Sonata (No. 21 in C major, Op. 53, Allegro con brio)" Beethoven: Piano Sonatas, Nos. 21, 23, 30, & 31, Track 1 The Concert.

The Boomtown Rats "I Don't Like Mondays" Best Of, Track 10 House and Patrick play.

ORIGINAL SCORE (PIANO): Patrick completes House's highschool composition.

Georges Bizet "Symphony in C: III. Scherzo. Allegro Vivace" [?], Track [?] Patrick's musical MRI.

Georges Bizet "Piano Sonata No. 21 in C Major, Op. 53 Waldstein: Rondo (Allegretto moderato, Prestissimo)" Beethoven: Piano Sonatas, Nos. 21, 23, 30, & 31, Track 3 Patrick plays a tune on his leg.

Joe Purdy "Rainy Day Lament" Stomping Grounds, Track 10 Internal EEG.

Scott Joplin "The Entertainer" Rags to Riches: The Essential Hits of..., Track 5 House/Patrick duet.

Gomez "See The World" How We Operate, Track 2 Closing Scenes.

Lizz Wright "Hit the Ground" Dreaming Wide Awake, Track 3 Closing Scenes.

Michael Wayne Jones "How Does It Feel" [?], Track [?] Making out.

Zero 7 "In The Waiting Line" Simple Things, Track 8 Closing Scenes.

Eddie Harris "Listen Here" The Best of Eddie Harris, Track 5 Cuddy's Bet: House tries to treat patients without touching them.

Damien Rice "Grey Room" 9, Track 8 Closing Scenes.

Donovan "Season of the Witch" Greatest Hits, Track 11 Closing Scenes.

Louis Armstrong "'Zat You, Santa Claus?" Yule Be Miserable, Track 2 Opening Scenes.

Ella Fitzgerald "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas, Track 3 Closing Scenes.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

Michael Penn "Walter Reed" Mr. Hollywood Jr., 1947, Track 1 Closing Montage.

Ben Harper "Waiting on an Angel" Welcome to the Cruel World, Track 5 Closing Scenes.

Yo Yo Ma (J.S. Bach) "Suite No. 1, S. 1007 In G Major: Prelude" Bach: Six Unaccompanied Cello Suites, Disc 1, Track 1 Lab rats.

Mazzy Star "Into Dust" So Tonight That I Might See, Track 9 Closing Scenes.

John Mayer "Gravity" Continuum, Track 4 "God doesn't limp."

Gorillaz "Feel Good Inc" Demon Days, Track 6 House jogs to work.

The Rolling Stones "You Can't Always Get What You Want" Forty Licks, Track 6 (Disk 1) Closing Scenes.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

Professor Longhair aka Roy Bird aka Fess "Tipitina" Fess' Gumbo, Track 4 Opening scenes | House eats Wilson's lunch.

The American Boychoir "Over Yonder" By Request, Track 11 Michael's autopsy.

Mark Cohn "One Safe Place" Album No. 4, Track [?] Foreman battles the illness / reactions | Waiting for Foreman to wake.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo "Oh Happy Day" [?], Track [?] Boyd "cures" the woman with the walker.

(Performed by Hugh Laurie) "What a Friend We have in Jesus" [?], Track [?] Wilson shows up to poker night a day early.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe "My Journey to the Sky" [?], Track [?] "House....you're as God made you."

No Commercial Tracks Used.

Diana Krall "'Deed I Do" Live in Paris, Track 3 The benefit.

Oscar Peterson (Performed by Hugh Laurie) "Hymn To Freedom" Night Train, Track 11 House tickles the ivories.

Alexi Murdoch "Orange Sky" Music from The O.C.: Mix 1, Track 11 Opening Scenes.

Otis Redding "Pain in My Heart" The Very Best of..., Track 2 Stethoscope on the doorknob.

Al Green "Love and Happiness" Greatest Hits, Track 5 Closing Scenes.

Taj Mahal & James Cotton "Honky Tonk Women" Blue Light Boogie, Track 2 Closing Scenes.

Fluke "Atom Bomb" Risotto, Track 2 Opening Scenes: Catwalk.

Johann Sebastian Bach (Performed by Hugh Laurie) "French Suite No. 5 in G Major BWV 816, Allemande" [?], Track [?] House plays the piano.

Ryan Adams "Desire" Demolition, Track 4 House awakes to pain | Closing Scenes.

Gomez "Get Miles" Bring It On, Track 1 House takes a trip.

(Performed by Hugh Laurie) "Concerted Number: Serenade" The Student Prince, Track 8 House sings.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

Vince Guaraldi Trio "Christmas Time is Here" A Charlie Brown Christmas, Track 6 Closing Scenes.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

Goldfrapp "Crystalline Green" Black Cherry, Track 1 Cameron gets high and jumps a willing Chase.

Amos Lee w/Norah Jones "Colors" Amos Lee, Track 7 Closing Scenes.

Solomon Burke "None of Us Are Free" Don't Give Up on Me, Track 10 Closing Scenes.

Korn "Word Up!" Greatest Hits Vol 1, Track 1 Carnell gets his drink on.

Leon Russell "Stranger in a Strange Land" Retrospective, Track 9 Closing Scenes.

Christine Avila "Duérmete, Mi Niño" (Recorded specifically for the show) Alfredo's mom sings to him before surgery.

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] Cock fights.

Damien Rice "Delicate" O, Track 1 Closing Scenes

Christina Aguilera "Beautiful" Stripped, Track 11 Opening Scenes.

(Beniamino Gigli) "Nessun Dorma" from Giacomo Puccini's "Turandot" [?], Track [?] Locker room listening session.

Bird York "In The Deep" The Velvet Hour, Track 10 Surgery and aftermath.

Elvis Costello "Beautiful" House M.D. Original Television Soundtrack, Track 4 (Recorded specifically for the show) Closing Scenes.

Jeff Buckley "Hallelujah" Grace, Track 6 Closing Scenes.

Windy Wagner "I Call It Love" [?], Track [?] At a bar, House calls Wilson out for a drink and confessed he's not sure if he wants Mark to live.

Blind Willie McTell "Delia" The Classic Years 1927-1940, Track 4 (Disc 4) Stacey comes to see House in his office, and lays it all on the line.

The Rolling Stones "You Can't Always Get What You Want" Forty Licks, Track 6 (Disk 1) Closing Scenes.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

Dave Matthews "Some Devil" Some Devil, Track 4 Closing scenes.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

Grant Lee Buffalo "Happiness" Mighty Joe Moon , Track 10 Closing scenes.

Frank Sinatra (Performed by Hugh Laurie) "High Hopes" Capitol Collectors Series: Frank Sinatra, Track 19 House tickles the ivories, while his answering machine blinks "12 new messages".

Earlimart "It's Okay to Think About Ending" Treble & Tremble, Track 13 Closing scenes: Cameron says goodbye.

Jon Cleary "Got to Be More Careful" Pin Your Spin, Track 10 "Pick someone else." / Closing scenes.

Daniel Moynahan "Crazy World" [?], Track [?] Wilson coaches House on how to shift in the new cherry convertible.

Benedict Silberman Orchestra And Chorus "Hava Nagila" Traditional Jewish Melodies, Track 1 Vogler confronts House, House flips his iPod back on for dramatic effect.

The Who "Baba O'Riley" The Ultimate Collection, Track 20, Disk 1 Vogler confronts House | Closing scene.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

Robert L. Wyckoff "You Better Stop" [?], Track [?] Chase, Cameron and Foreman at the bar: "You've got a little smudge..."

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] Chase, Cameron and Foreman at the bar: "It's hookers."

Windy Wagner "I Never Saw it Coming" [?], Track [?] Fancy lunch, covered by "the new Arnie."

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] Foreman discovers House was right: He really is the roadie.

Windy Wagner "You Don't Have to Worry" [?], Track [?] Keith and his girlfriend make out before taking his dad's Porsche for a spin.

Joe Cocker "Feelin' Alright" Ultimate Collection, Track 2 House sits in his office, happily buzzed on Vicodin.

Mutaytor "On Fire Like This" Island of Misfit Psience, Track 4 House party (Opening Scenes)

Louis Armstrong "What A Wonderful World" What A Wonderful World, Track 1 Trumpet gift/"I'm in pain" (Closing Scenes)

No Commercial Tracks Used.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

Hugh Laurie "[?]" (Recorded specifically for the show) House plays piano, alone in his apartment.

Hugh Laurie "Happy Birthday" (Recorded specifically for the show) Closing Scenes.

John Denver "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" [?], Track [?] Opening Scenes: House talks to Wilson.

Paul and Branda Neal "The Twelve Days Of Christmas" Two Harps Christmas, Track 12 Thanking House for his patience.

Hugh Laurie "Silent Night" (Recorded specifically for the show) Closing Scenes.

No Commercial Tracks Used.

Three Dog Night "One is the Loneliest Number" Complete Hit Singles, Track 1 Dr. House comes upon the mystery small-round-yellow pills (Closing Scenes)

Rickie Lee Jones "On Saturday Afternoons In 1963" Rickie Lee Jones, Track 2 Dr. House watches a lacrosse game (Closing Scenes)

The Rolling Stones "You Can't Always Get What You Want" Forty Licks, Track 6 (Disk 1) Closing riff.

The Cadillac Black "Down to the River" [?], Track [?] Season 8 Promotional trailer.

Kari Kimmel "Black" get it here: karikimmel.bandcamp.com/track/black Season 8 Promotional trailer.

The Constellations "Perfect Day" Southern Gothic, Track 2 Season 8 Promotional trailer.

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Joshua Path "Spider of Love" Headlight In The Sun, Track 4 Season 6 Promotional trailer.

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Elbow "Grounds For Divorce" The Seldom Seen Kid, Track 4 Season 6 Promotional trailer.

Hush Sound "Medicine Man" ?, Track ? Season 5 Promotional trailer.

Ludo "Love Me Dead" You're Awful, I Love You, Track 1 Season 5 Promotional trailer.

Sia "Breathe Me" Colour the Small One, Track 3 Superbowl "Frozen" trailer.

Amy Winehouse "Rehab" Back to Black, Track 1 Season 4 Promotional trailer.

David Bowie "Rebel Rebel" Diamond Dogs, Track 6, Disk 1 Season 1 Promotional trailer.

Rolling Stones "Sympathy for the Devil" ?, Track ? Season 1 Promotional trailer.

Massive Attack "Teardrop" Mezzanine, Track 3 Opening Credits

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Goodbye HOUSE. Thanks for 8 inceredible years!

05.21.12 :: 822 "EVERYBODY DIES" [NEW - SERIES FINALE] House treats an ailing drug addict. This leads him to sift through his life, speculate on his future and explore his personal demons.

05.21.12 :: SPECIAL "SWAN SONG" [NEW] A HOUSE retrospective.

05.14.12 :: 821 "HOLDING ON" [NEW] Thirteen returns as the team takes on the case of a college student who suffers a mysterious nosebleed during cheerleading practice. His problems could be both physiological and psychological. Meanwhile, Foreman tries a different approach with House.

05.07.12 :: 820 "POST MORTEM" [NEW] An ailing Princeton-Plainsboro pathologist doesn't trust any of his colleagues to diagnose and treat him, except for House -- who's missing. So House's team must make the skeptical patient believe that House is actually directing his case.

04.30.12 :: 819 "THE C-WORD" [NEW] The team takes the case of a 6-year-old girl with a genetic condition, and must work with her specialist mother to treat her. Elsewhere, House and Wilson take a little vacation.

04.23.12 :: 818 "BODY AND SOUL" [NEW] A boy who dreams he's being choked wakes up but still can't breathe. Meanwhile, Park's intimate dreams involving coworkers cause them to question the significance of their own dreams; and Dominika discovers a secret that could ruin things with House.

04.16.12 :: 817 "WE NEED THE EGGS" [NEW] House and the team take on the case of a man who's bleeding from his eyes. Meanwhile, House's favorite hooker, Emily, is leaving the business to get married, so he teams up with his "wife," Dominika, to sabotage Emily's budding relationship.

04.09.12 :: 816 "GUT CHECK" [NEW] A 22-year-old minor-league hockey player collapses while coughing up blood after a fight on the ice. Meanwhile, House drops a bomb on Wilson; and Chase offers to help Park change her living situation.

04.02.12 :: 815 "BLOWING THE WHISTLE" [NEW] An ailing Army veteran charged with treason for leaking classified information refuses treatment unless he and his brother are given information about their late father, a war veteran. Meanwhile, Adams suspects that House is sick, so she recruits Wilson and the other team members to plan an intervention and investigate the illness.

02.27.12 :: 814 "LOVE IS BLIND" [NEW] A young blind man is struck by a mysterious illness just before he was going to ask his girlfriend to marry him. Meanwhile, House's mother turns up with news about a new man in her life.

02.20.12 :: 813 "MAN OF THE HOUSE" [NEW] A hospitalized marriage counselor shows behavior that contradicts his motivational message on gender roles. Meanwhile, House and his green-card Ukrainian "wife" try to show immigration officials that they're a happily married couple. House also decides to name a new team leader.

02.13.12 :: 812 "CHASE" [NEW] Chase connects with a cloistered nun he's treating who's on the verge of taking her final vows. But when her condition worsens and requires risky surgery, it's Chase's judgment that's compromised. Meanwhile, House and Taub try to out-prank each other.

02.06.12 :: 811 "NOBODY'S FAULT" [NEW] Following a violent incident involving a patient, House and the team are placed under review by neurology chief Walter Cofield, a onetime mentor of Foreman's. The doctors must recount the details of the incident to him, and Cofield must weigh the team's unconventional brand of collaboration against their life-saving skills.

01.30.12 :: 810 "RUNAWAYS" [NEW] A teen Jane Doe needs a surgery that requires adult consent. House and Adams debate whether to call Social Services, but then her mother shows up. Meanwhile, Taub can't connect with his infant daughters; and House threatens to exploit Foreman's relationship with a married woman.

01.23.12 :: 809 "BETTER HALF" [NEW] When an Alzheimer's patient taking part in a drug trial inexplicably begins vomiting violently and throwing temper tantrums, a deep-seated conflict with his dutiful wife begins to manifest itself. Meanwhile, House and Foreman butt heads; and Wilson treats a patient who claims to be in a chaste marriage.

11.28.11 :: 808 "PERILS OF PARANOIA" [NEW] A prosecutor collapses in court, and the initial team diagnosis of hyperanxiety is called into question when Adams and Park investigate his home. Meanwhile, Wilson suspects that House is hiding something in his home; Park begins to shed her social shell; and Foreman's lack of romantic activity intrigues Taub and Chase.

11.21.11 :: 807 "DEAD & BURIED" [NEW] An angst-ridden 14-year-old girl's condition mysteriously worsens; House gets into trouble after insisting on solving the mystery of why a 4-year-old girl died; and Park tries to get Chase to admit why he has become obsessed with grooming.

11.14.11 :: 806 "PARENTS" [NEW] A teen out to follow his late father into show business arrives with partial paralysis, and the team uncovers a family secret while treating him. Meanwhile, another patient insists he's diabetic; House tries to remove his ankle monitor so he can attend a boxing match in Atlantic City; and Taub is distressed to learn that Rachel wants to move to the West Coast with their infant daughter.

11.07.11 :: 805 "THE CONFESSION" [NEW] A well-respected man collapses mysteriously, and while treating him the team discovers that he has been hiding secrets. His admission of them compromises his chances for recovery. Meanwhile, Chase and Taub rejoin the team, and Taub juggles his work life with raising two infant girls with two different mothers.

10.31.11 :: 804 "RISKY BUSINESS" [NEW] A CEO falls ill mysteriously just after completing a deal to move his company's jobs to China, an action that provokes a strong reaction from Adams. Meanwhile, Park prepares for her hearing before the hospital's disciplinary committee, chaired by Foreman.

10.17.11 :: 803 "CHARITY CASE" [NEW] A man collapses after making a large charitable donation, and House suspects that his altruism might be a signal of a mental disorder. House also recruits former prison doctor Jessica Adams for the case. Meanwhile, Adams and Park test each other's views of generosity and gratitude; and Thirteen's guilt conflicts with her pursuit of happiness.

10.10.11 :: 802 "TRANSPLANT" [NEW] House returns to Princeton-Plainsboro�conditionally and to a cool reception from Wilson, who's treating an organ recipient who takes a turn for the worse. Also on the diagnostic team: a bright but shy resident named Chi Park.

10.03.11 :: 801 "TWENTY VICODIN" [NEW - SEASON PREMIERE] A year after House drove his car into Cuddy's house, and he's in jail�trying to diagnose an ill fellow inmate without breaking prison rules, an effort that complicates life for clinic physician Jessica Adams. Meanwhile, when a prison gang leader threatens House, he must seek the assistance of another inmate.

HOUSE has been renewed for an 8th season and will return in the fall.

05.23.11 :: 723 "MOVING ON" [NEW - SEASON FINALE] A hospitalized performance artist might have made herself sick -- to make a film about her illness. Meanwhile, House does something odd (even for him), which could alter his relationships with Wilson and Cuddy for good.

05.16.11 :: 722 "AFTER HOURS" [NEW] Thirteen has a friend in need: an ex-con with an urgent medical problem that can't be treated at the hospital because it's drug-related. So they turn to Chase in desperation. Meanwhile, House deals with devastating information; and Taub comes to terms with an unexpected development.

05.09.11 :: 721 "THE FIX" [NEW] House attempts to resuscitate the career of a washed-up boxer following a disputed wager with Wilson. Meanwhile, the team suspects that House might have another kind of drug problem.

05.02.11 :: 720 "CHANGES" [NEW] Cuddy's mother considers filing a malpractice suit against the hospital, which could put her daughter's and House's medical licenses in jeopardy. Meanwhile, luck runs out for a lottery winner.

04.18.11 :: 719 "LAST TEMPTATION" [NEW] Thirteen rejoins the team, but Masters, who's completing medical school, might leave it to prepare for a surgical career. But first the team must diagnose a 16-year-old girl who collapses just before she's scheduled to begin sailing around the world.

04.12.11 :: 718 "THE DIG" [NEW] Thirteen reappears. It seems that she has just been released from prison, and House wants to know why she landed there. He seeks answers as they team up in a spud-gun competition. Meanwhile, the team treats a science teacher with a respiratory illness who turns out to be a hoarder; and Taub dips his toe into the dating pool.

03.21.11 :: 717 "FALL FROM GRACE" [NEW] A young homeless man with a history of drug abuse (and a secret) arrives at the hospital with bad burns and scars on his chest. Meanwhile, Cuddy tells Wilson that she feels guilty about breaking up with House.

03.14.11 :: 716 "OUT OF THE CHUTE" [NEW] A bullfighter is admitted after being attacked by a bull, and Masters develops a crush on him as his condition inexplicably worsens, with miniseizures that can't be explained. Meanwhile, House is away from the hospital, tending to other issues.

03.07.11 :: 715 "BOMBSHELLS" [NEW] A bombshell that hits Cuddy causes her to rethink her priorities, distracting House as the team tries to diagnose a troubled teen whose mysterious scars point to emotional as well as physical woes.

02.28.11 :: 714 "RECESSION PROOF" [NEW] A man who had lied to his wife about losing his lucrative real-estate position is hospitalized with a severe rash caused by chemical exposure at his blue-collar job. The case's complications lead to an existential crisis for House, and that complicates things with Cuddy, who needs his support at a charity event. Meanwhile, Chase and Masters teach each other a lesson in how to forge relationships.

02.21.11 :: 713 "TWO STORIES" [NEW] House participates in a school career day---and breaks rules by sharing explicit medical stories. Later, two fifth graders (Austin Michael Coleman and Haley Pullos) assess House's relationship troubles with Cuddy, and try to help him understand the role that his selfish antics play in them.

02.14.11 :: 712 "YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS" [NEW] A waitress with an extraordinary memory suffers a paralysis, and her recovery is complicated by an anything-but-forgotten grudge she holds against her older sister. Meanwhile, House discovers Wilson's secret new companion when he tries to help him return to the dating scene; and Foreman helps Taub prepare for a medical exam.

02.07.11 :: 711 "FAMILY PRACTICE" [NEW] When Cuddy's mother is admitted to the hospital, she won't let House treat her. But the team does anyway, and discovers secrets she and her other daughter kept from Cuddy. And the case's ethical issues bother Masters more than usual. Meanwhile, Taub takes a part-time job as a medical investigator for Rachel's brother, a lawyer.

01.24.11 :: 710 "CARROT OR STICK" [NEW] The team tries to link symptoms of a teenager at a military-style juvenile-offender camp and his drill sergeant; House secretly helps Cuddy's daughter get into a prestigious preschool; an embarrassing photo of Chase turns up on a social-networking site.

01.17.11 :: 709 "LARGER THAN LIFE" [NEW] A hero collapses moments after risking his life to save a stranger who fell onto subway tracks. Meanwhile, House tries to avoid Cuddy's birthday dinner because her opinionated mother will be there; and Masters helps Taub realize that he must take action on his crumbling marriage.

HOUSE returns with new episodes on January 10th, 2011.

11.22.10 :: 708 "SMALL SACRIFICES" [NEW] A man falls ill after reenacting the Crucifixion; Taub questions his wife about her relationship with a member of an infidelity support group; Wilson's relationship with Sam takes a sudden turn after they attend a co-worker's wedding.

11.15.10 :: 707 "A POX ON OUR HOUSE" [NEW] A girl is suspected of having smallpox after a 200-year-old medicine jar found in a shipwreck shatters in her hand, so a CDC doctor locks down the hospital. Martha Masters questions his motive for doing so. She also questions the diagnosis. Meanwhile, Wilson and Sam examine their relationship after they comfort a 6-year-old cancer patient.

11.09.10 :: 706 "OFFICE POLITICS" [NEW] Cuddy hires brilliant med student Martha Masters (Amber Tamblyn) as� House's newest female team member, but he has an extremely difficult time trying to deal with her ethical view on practicing medicine.

10.04.10 :: 705 "UNPLANNED PARENTHOOD" [NEW] When an infant suffers breathing trouble and liver failure, House and the team must look at the medical history of the mother in order to find an answer, and ultimately land on a discovery that forces the mother to jeopardize not only her child's health but her own. Meanwhile, Taub and Foreman must find a new female doctor to fill the spot vacated by Thirteen, and House and Wilson learn a thing or two about parenting while caring for Cuddy's daughter.

10.04.10 :: 704 "MASSAGE THERAPY" [NEW] A patient is admitted to Princeton Plainsboro suffering from uncontrollable vomiting. In the process of treating her, House and the team make some unexpected discoveries about her identity and are forced to look at her medical history in order to learn the truth about her past. Meanwhile, House gives a less than friendly welcome to Chase's new hire and a visit from House's massage therapist causes trouble between House and Cuddy.

10.04.10 :: 703 "UNWRITTEN" [NEW] A suicidal children's author has a seizure just before trying to kill herself, and House, who's a fan, thinks that the key to both her physical and psychological conditions lies in her latest book. Meanwhile, House and Cuddy go on a double date with Wilson and his girlfriend, Sam.

09.27.10 :: 702 "SELFISH" [NEW] A 14-year-old with a terminally ill brother collapses during a skateboarding competition. Meanwhile, House and Cuddy confront the workplace ramifications of their relationship; and in the clinic, House must deal with an elderly man and his son.

09.20.10 :: 701 "NOW WHAT?" [NEW] Now that House and Cuddy have admitted to having real feelings for each other, the two take a day off from work to explore their emotions -- both in and out of the bedroom. But little does Cuddy know that while she and House are playing hooky, chaos is breaking loose at her hospital as Princeton Plainsboro stands to lose its accreditation as a Level 1 Trauma Center.

05.17.10 :: 621 "HELP ME" [NEW] Cuddy joins House, his team and a search-and-rescue team to assist at the scene of an emergency in Trenton, N.J., where a crane has collapsed onto a building. Among the victims: the guilt-ridden crane operator and a trapped woman who might lose her leg.

05.10.10 :: 620 "BAGGAGE" [NEW] House recounts the case of a woman who arrives at the Princeton Plainsboro emergency room with an unexplained illness and no recollection of who she is.

05.03.10 :: 619 "THE CHOICE" [NEW] The team takes on the case of an ailing groom-to-be who harbors undisclosed secrets from a previous relationship. Meanwhile, House spends extra-curricular time with his Princeton Plainsboro colleagues, performing a karaoke rendition of a Gladys Knight and the Pips classic with Foreman and Chase.

04.26.10 :: 618 "OPEN AND SHUT" [NEW] A woman is brought to the hospital with a mysterious illness, but House and team are equally as fascinated by her open marriage. Taub brings up the idea to his wife, and things get complicated. Meanwhile, Wilson stands up to Sam about the little things.

04.19.10 :: 617 "KNIGHT FALL" [NEW] A "knight" living in a reclusive community modeled on Renaissance ideals falls mysteriously ill, and while the team tries to figure out why, he and Thirteen debate issues of knightly honor and courtly love (especially with regards to his "queen"). Meanwhile, Wilson begins anew with an ex.

04.12.10 :: 616 "LOCKDOWN" [NEW] The hospital goes on lockdown - no one can get in or out.

03.15.10 :: 615 "BLACK HOLE" [NEW] House and the team attempt a controversial method of treatment on a teenage patient and the diagnosis leads to a shocking revelation.

03.08.10 :: 614 "PRIVATE LIVES" [NEW] The team treats a famous blogger, but things become difficult as her condition continues to worsen and she insists on discussing all procedures and doctors on her blog. Meanwhile, House and Wilson learn secrets about each other, and the two of them go speed dating along with Chase.

02.08.10 :: 613 "5 TO 9" [NEW] A day at the hospital, as seen by Cuddy, who must deal with hospital issues and staff disputes while juggling personal issues.

02.01.10 :: 612 "MOVING THE CHAINS" [NEW] An ailing college football player has a variety of symptoms that might keep him from an NFL tryout -- at the very least. Meanwhile, Foreman's brother visits the hospital.

01.25.10 :: 611 "REMORSE" [NEW] House and the male doctors on his team are smitten with their beautiful female patient who has unexplained bouts of excruciating pain, while Thirteen is able to stay focused on her case. Meanwhile, House tries to make reparations with a former med school colleague he wronged.

01.11.10 :: 610 "THE DOWN LOW" [NEW] When a drug dealer collapses in the middle of exchange, his partner brings him to be treated at Princeton-Plainsboro. Meanwhile, the team plays a practical joke on Forman, and House and Wilson compete for the same woman in their new building.

No new HOUSE episodes for the rest of the year.

11.30.09 :: 609 "WILSON" [NEW] Wilson works on a case involving his old friend, and he makes a bet with House that the diagnosis is not the return of cancer. Meanwhile, Cuddy has questions about real estate, so she turns to Wilson.

11.23.09 :: 608 "IGNORANCE IS BLISS" [NEW] A brilliant but depressed and substance-abusing physicist who chucked his career because he thinks intelligence is a burden arrives with a number of strange symptoms. Meanwhile, relationships are strained all around at Princeton-Plainsboro.

11.16.09 :: 607 "TEAMWORK" [NEW] House resumes his post after getting his license back and sets out to form a "dream team." He also treats a porn star suffering from eye pain. Meanwhile, Cuddy learns again that the hospital is no place to form healthy relationships.

11.09.09 :: 606 "KNOWN UNKNOWNS" [NEW] A partying teen brought to the hospital with swollen appendages won't -- then can't -- tell the truth. Meanwhile, House tags along as Cuddy and Wilson attend a medical conference on pharmacology and public policy.

10.19.09 :: 605 "BRAVE HEART" [NEW] A hard-living police detective doesn't have any symptoms of heart disease, but that's what killed his father, grandfather and great-grandfather -- all at age 40. Meanwhile, the African-dictator case still haunts Chase; and House faces ghosts of his own.

10.05.09 :: 604 "INSTANT KARMA" [NEW] A teen has unexplained stomach pain, and his rich father believes that the cause is karmic payback for his business success. Meanwhile, Foreman and Chase prepare to present information on a patient they have been treating.

10.05.09 :: 603 "THE TYRANT" [NEW] The team must decide if they should help a merciless African dictator, despite his crimes against humanity. Meanwhile, Wilson wants to end a feud with a neighbor, but a prying House gets in the way.

09.28.09 :: 602 "EPIC FAIL" [NEW] After leaving the psychiatric hospital at the end of last week's premiere, House tells Cuddy that he's making major changes in his life. Meanwhile, Foreman wants House's job but is having trouble with a case involving a video-game designer who posts his symptoms on the Internet and takes treatment suggestions offered by online correspondents over those offered by the team. This development upsets Foreman and threatens his relationship with Thirteen.

09.21.09 :: 601 "BROKEN" [NEW - 2HOUR 6TH SEASON PREMIERE] Now a patient himself, House must not only physically detox from the Vicodin, but mentally face his inner torments with the help of Mayfield's staff and patients. But since House is not much for following rules, the ornery doc fights the hospital's traditional treatment plan at every turn.

05.11.09 :: 521 "BOTH SIDES NOW" [NEW - 5TH SEASON FINALE] House takes on a case of a patient with two different personalities as a result of having the left and right part of the brain operating independently.

05.04.09 :: 522 "UNDER MY SKIN" [NEW] While House tries to cope with his insomnia, he takes on the case of a ballerina whose skin begins to fall off after treatment following the collapse of her lungs during a performance.

04.27.09 :: 521 "HOUSE DIVIDED" [NEW] A deaf 14-year old wrestler suffers from hearing problems during a match, but his mother refuses to okay cochlear implants. Meanwhile, House's insomnia proves a curse... and a blessing.

04.20.07 :: Preempted

04.13.09 :: 521 "SAVIORS" [NEW] Cameron and Chase's vacation is put on hold for the case of an enviromentalist who collapses in the middle of a protest.

04.06.09 :: 520 "SIMPLE EXPLANATION" [NEW] The team deals with an older woman who has been tending to her dying husband but is stricken down with an unknown disease that threatens to kill her before her husband.

03.30.09 :: 519 "LOCKED IN" [NEW] House is injured in a motorcycle accident in New York and finds himself in bed next to a patient suffering from complete paralysis. As House transfers the patient to Princeton to determine what's wrong with him, Wilson tries to find out why House was in New York.

03.16.09 :: 518 "HERE KITTY" [NEW] A nursing-home worker is alarmed when the home's cat curls up next to her. It seems that this cat cuddles up only to people who are going to die soon. Meanwhile, a financially strapped Taub reconnects with an entrepreneurial friend from high school.

03.09.09 :: 517 "THE SOCIAL CONTRACT" [NEW] House and the team take on the case of Nick, a book editor who loses his inhibitions. Meanwhile, House suspects Wilson and Taub are keeping something from him.

02.23.09 :: 516 "THE SOFTER SIDE" [NEW] A patient with both male and female DNA has the team stumped. Meanwhile, House starts acting nicely, raising Cuddy's and Wilson's suspicions that something is terribly wrong.

02.16.09 :: 515 "UNFAITHFUL" [NEW] A priest who runs a homeless shelter is admitted to the ER after seeing a bleeding Jesus hovering at his doorstep. House takes the case to distract the team while he confronts Foreman and Thirteen about their relationship, but it causes House to grapple with his past and his beliefs.

10.07.07 :: Preempted

02.02.09 :: 514 "THE GREATER GOOD" [NEW] A woman who collapses during a cooking class turns out to be a renowned cancer researcher who gave up her career to pursue personal fulfillment. This prompts the docs to grapple with their own pursuits of happiness. Meanwhile, Cuddy decides to make House's life more miserable than it usually is, and Thirteen's health takes a turn for the worse.

01.26.09 :: 513 "BIG BABY" [NEW] When Cuddy decides to spend more time caring her baby, she hands some of her day-to-day responsibilities to Cameron. One of them is supervising House, whose patient is a very nice special-education teacher who collapsed in class. House doesn't think that her niceness is a good thing. Meanwhile, Foreman must make a critical decision regarding Thirteen's participation in the Huntington's drug trial.

01.19.09 :: 512 "PAINLESS" [NEW] At Cameron's urging, the team takes the case of a suicidal man who suffers from excruciating chronic pain---pain that mirrors House's. Meanwhile, Cuddy discovers that caring for her newly adopted baby leaves her little time to run the hospital; and Foreman and Thirteen continue to explore their complicated relationship as they work together on their Huntington's disease drug trial.

HOUSE returns with new episodes in its new Monday timeslot January 19th 2009.

01.16.09 :: Hugh Laurie (and BAND FROM TV) on Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno.

12.14.08 :: Hugh Laurie hosts SNL.

12.09.06 :: Hugh Laurie on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

12.09.08 :: 511 "JOY TO THE WORLD" [NEW] A troubled teen collapses during her high-school Christmas program; Foreman and Thirteen learn more about each other as they work together on the Huntington's disease drug trial; House gives and receives holiday gifts, leading to team speculation; and Cuddy receives a gift as well.

12.02.08 :: 510 "LET THEM EAT CAKE" [NEW] A fitness guru known for her "natural" lifestyle collapses while shooting an infomercial. Meanwhile, Thirteen participates in a clinical drug trial for Huntington's disease led by Foreman; Kutner operates an online medical-advice clinic under House's name; and Cuddy moves into House's office while hers is being repaired, much to House's dismay.

11.25.08 :: 509 "LAST RESORT" [NEW -- 8 EXTRA MINUTES LONG] A gun-wielding clinic patient takes House, Thirteen and several other patients hostage in Cuddy's waiting room and demands that House diagnose and treat him. The hostage taker also demands that House use other patients as guinea pigs for any medication he is going to receive. Thirteen volunteers for the treatment.

11.18.08 :: 508 "EMANCIPATION" [NEW] During an examination of a teen's heart problems, the team begins to doubt her claims of being an emancipated minor. Meanwhile, Foreman defies House's rejection of a proposal to conduct a clinical trial.

11.11.08 :: 507 "THE ITCH" [NEW] House and the team make a house call when an agoraphobe won't leave his home, but the patient's deteriorating condition makes it imperative to get him to a hospital. Meanwhile, House copes with a troublesome itch, and Cameron and Chase continue to refine their relationship.

11.04.07 :: Preempted

10.28.08 :: 504 "JOY" [NEW] A middle-aged single father who tests consumer products for a living and has been suffering unexplained blackouts turns out to be a sleepwalker. And soon his daughter falls ill as well. Meanwhile, Cuddy plans to adopt a child, but her birth mother falls gravely ill two weeks before her due date.

10.21.08 :: 504 "LUCKY THIRTEEN" [NEW] A woman with whom Thirteen had a one-night stand has a seizure at Thirteen's apartment, prompting intense curiosity (both professional and otherwise) about the women's personal lives from House and Foreman. Meanwhile, Lucas continues to snoop on Wilson.

10.14.08 :: 504 "BIRTHMARKS" [NEW] House learns that his father has died but must be coaxed into attending the funeral. Back at the hospital, the team struggles to treat a young Chinese-American adoptee who collapsed in China while searching for her birth parents, and House has to diagnose her over the phone. Meanwhile, flashbacks recall House's first meeting with Wilson.

10.07.07 :: Preempted

09.30.08 :: 503 "ADVERSE EVENTS" [NEW] A struggling artist taking part in three drug trials to pay his bills is also suffering from something that's altering his perception and threatening not only his livelihood but his life as well. Meanwhile, House has Lucas look into the private lives of his team, including Taub, whose marriage is in trouble.

09.23.08 :: 502 "NOT CANCER" [NEW] When people who received organs from a donor who was killed in an industrial accident five years earlier die suddenly, House must figure out why to save a recipient who's still alive. To track down information about the donor and the dead recipients, House hires a PI named Lucas. But House also uses Lucas to snoop on Wilson as well as a colleague House is considering to replace Wilson as his friend.

09.16.08 :: 501 "DYING CHANGES EVERYTHING" [NEW - FIFTH SEASON PREMIERE] Wilson returns from an extended leave following Amber's death and announces he's leaving Princeton-Plainsboro. House thinks it's a terrible idea, and he isn't shy about saying so. Wilson's announcement also distracts him from the case at hand, that of the workaholic 37-year-old assistant to the leader of a major feminist organization who collapses during a business meeting. Thirteen takes a special interest in the case, and House questions her reasons for doing so.

HOUSE returns for its fifth season Tuesday, September 16th at 8pm EST.

Thank-you to the cast and crew of HOUSE for another great season, and a heartwrenching finale. See you all in the fall for season five!

05.19.08 :: 416 "WILSON'S HEART" [NEW - PART II OF THE FOURTH-SEASON FINALE] House remains held back by his bus-accident injuries as he struggles to recall the symptoms he noticed in a rapidly deteriorating fellow passenger just before the crash. House's cloudy memories from the accident also threaten his friendship with Wilson.

05.12.08 :: 415 "HOUSE'S HEAD" [NEW - PART I OF THE FOURTH-SEASON FINALE] House suffers head injuries in a bus accident that also injures dozens of others. Though dazed and confused and unable to clearly recall events prior to the crash, he has flashbacks in which he sees a fellow passenger exhibiting signs of a deadly illness. He can't recall who it was, but that's not going to stop him from trying.

05.12.08 :: Hugh Laurie on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

04.25.08 :: Hugh Laurie on Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson.

05.05.08 :: 414 "LIVING THE DREAM" [NEW] House believes that an actor on his favorite soap opera is seriously ill after observing his symptoms on television, so he decides to intervene; Amber and Wilson have their first fight, much to House's delight; and Cuddy tries to keep up appearances when an inspector shows up unexpectedly at Princeton-Plainsboro.

04.28.08 :: 413 "NO MORE MR. NICE GUY" [NEW] House suspects that an ER patient with a sunny disposition has a bigger problem than was initially diagnosed. The reason: He thinks the patient is too nice. Meanwhile, House and Amber spar over face time with Wilson; and Cuddy demands House give his team performance reviews.

04.25.08 :: Hugh Laurie on Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno.

The writer's strike is over! 4-5 new episodes are scheduled to air around May.

02.06.08 :: 412 "DON'T EVER CHANGE" [NEW] A former music producer who had recently -- and suddenly -- converted to Hasidic Judaism collapses at her wedding, and House suspects that the reasons behind her sudden conversion might also have something to do with her mysterious illness. Meanwhile, Wilson is dating a woman whose personality is a lot like House's.

02.04.08 :: 411 "FROZEN" [NEW - SPECIAL POST-SUPERBOWL EP] House must resort to Webcam diagnosis when a psychiatrist comes down with a mysterious illness while trapped at an Antarctic research station with limited medical supplies. Meanwhile, Wilson's dating someone new, and House tries to figure out who it is.

01.29.08 :: 410 "IT'S A WONDERFUL LIE" [NEW] House suspects that a mysteriously paralyzed woman is withholding vital information -- but maybe she can't help it. Meanwhile, House puts his personal stamp on the hospital's Secret Santa gift exchange.


11.27.07 :: 409 "GAMES" [NEW] While Cuddy orders House to make a hiring decision, he assigns the remaining candidates to a case involving an uncooperative, over-the-hill rock star with a history of drug abuse and civil disobedience. Meanwhile, Wilson informs a former patient whom he had previously diagnosed with terminal cancer that he is going to live. The patient does not take this as good news.

11.20.07 :: 408 "YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW" [NEW] While the job candidates try to diagnose a magician whose heart failed during an underwater escape act, House is determined to prove that he's a scam artist who's faking to cover up his embarrassment over nearly drowning during his act. Meanwhile, House suspects that one of the candidates has an undisclosed illness. He also pits them against one another in a challenge involving Cuddy, with the winner getting the chance to nominate two other candidates for firing.

11.13.07 :: 407 "UGLY" [NEW] A film crew follows House on the case of a teen with a facial deformity who had a heart attack prior to a reconstructive procedure. As the team works to diagnose the teen, House is distracted by candidate competition, causing him to question why he chose the candidates he did.

11.06.07 :: 406 "WHATEVER IT TAKES" [NEW] House is recruited by the CIA to help diagnose a dying agent, but the agency doctor spearheading the case offers very little information about the agent's history or previous assignments. That means House must improvise. Meanwhile, House's six remaining job candidates question Foreman's judgment and argue over the diagnosis of a female race-car driver who passed out after a race.

10.30.07 :: 405 "MIRROR, MIRROR" [NEW] House deals with a patient who mirrors the personality of anyone he meets. Meanwhile, Foreman is put in charge of overseeing the fellowship candidates.

10.23.07 :: 404 "GUARDIAN ANGELS" [NEW] While having a seizure, a funeral-home cosmetician hallucinates that she's being assaulted by one of the corpses she's working on. Meanwhile, Cameron offers advice to one of the seven candidates for House's team; and Foreman has lunch with Cuddy.

10.16.07 :: Preempted

10.09.07 :: 403 "97 SECONDS" [NEW] When a man in a wheelchair who fainted while crossing a street arrives at the hospital, House tells the 10 remaining candidates to divide themselves into teams. The one that diagnoses the man properly won't be fired. Meanwhile, a patient sticks a knife into a wall socket for reasons that intrigue House; and Foreman's new diagnostic team at Mercy Hospital in Manhattan faces a tough case.

10.02.07 :: 402 "THE RIGHT STUFF" [NEW] A prospective astronaut has an attack of synesthesia in a flight simulator, then asks House to diagnose her off the books. House shares the case with the 40 candidates he has rounded up to replace Cameron, Chase and Foreman.

09.25.07 :: 401 "ALONE" [NEW - SEASON 4 PREMIERE] While Cuddy and Wilson nag him to hire a new team, a working-solo House must treat a young woman who was injured in an explosion... But her injuries aren't what's killing her.

Thank-you to the cast and crew of HOUSE for another great season. See you all in the fall (September 25th) for season four!

05.29.07 :: 324 "HUMAN ERROR" [NEW - SEASON 3 FINALE] An ailing woman who fled Cuba in order to be treated by House is rescued at sea. Meanwhile, Foreman's imminent departure from Princeton-Plainsboro prompts House to make a hasty decision.

05.22.07 :: Preempted

05.15.07 :: 323 "THE JERK" [NEW] A very rude 16-year-old collapses after picking a fistfight with a fellow teen he had just beaten at chess. He first complains about a headache, but soon his organs begin to fail.

05.08.07 :: 322 "RESIGNATION" [NEW] A 19-year-old coughs up blood and her condition soon deteriorates. House surmises that her body is �confused� and thinks she has an infection, though none can be found.

05.01.07 :: 321 "FAMILY" [NEW] A 14-year-old with leukemia needs a bone-marrow transplant from his 10-year-old brother to save his life, but the brother develops an infection that not only prevents him from donating but could kill him as well. And at home, House's new roommate---Wilson's former dog Hector---is chewing on just about everything in sight.

04.24.07 :: 320 "HOUSE TRAINING" [NEW] All the doctors try to find what's wrong with a 28-year-old con artist who collapses after her brain "freezes," but the case becomes personal for Foreman. Meanwhile, Foreman's parents arrive unexpectedly; House plays mind games with one of Wilson's ex-wives; and Wilson and Cuddy go on another date.

04.17.07 :: 319 "ACT YOUR AGE" [NEW] A 6-year-old girl collapses with pericarditis, then has a stroke. This shouldn't be happening to someone so young. Meanwhile, her 8-year-old brother develops a crush on Cameron, who has been bickering with Chase since she broke off their affair. And House gives Wilson a pair of theater tickets, then becomes jealous when he goes to the play with Cuddy.

04.10.07 :: 318 "AIRBORNE" [NEW] House and Cuddy have an airborne medical crisis while returning from a symposium in Singapore. Back at the hospital, Chase, Cameron, Foreman and Wilson struggle to determine what's killing a 58-year-old woman who collapsed just before having sex with a high-end prostitute.

04.03.07 :: 317 "FETAL POSITION" [NEW] A pregnant 42-year-old celebrity photographer (Anne Ramsay) suffers a stroke, and soon her kidneys and liver begin to fail as well. Meanwhile, House decides he wants to take a vacation; and Cuddy has a word with Cameron about her relationship with Chase.

03.27.07 :: 316 "TOP SECRET" [NEW] Cuddy assigns House to treat an Iraq vet complaining of Gulf War syndrome who happens to be a nephew of a big hospital donor. House recognizes the patient's face -- from a nightmare he had the night before. Meanwhile, House is having trouble going to the bathroom, and Cameron and Chase engage in "uncomplicated sex."

03.16.07 :: 109 "DNR" [R - SPECIAL NIGHT] A legendary jazz musician checks into the hospital, believing he is dying of ALS, and signs a "do not resuscitate" order, which House violates to save the man's life.

03.12.07 :: 103 "OCCAM'S RAZOR" [R - SPECIAL NIGHT] A collegian collapses after raucous sex with his girlfriend, and Dr. House and his team scramble to figure out why as the student's condition worsens.

03.09.07 :: 206 "SPIN" [R - SPECIAL NIGHT] A professional bicyclist is brought in after collapsing during a race, but House doesn't want to treat him because he thinks the athlete is taking performance-enhancing drugs. House only becomes interested when the patient admits to taking the drugs.

03.06.07 :: 315 "HALF-WIT" [NEW] House encounters a brain-damaged musical prodigy with inexplicable abilities while the team faces serious concerns about House's own health.

No new episodes till March.

02.13.07 :: 314 "INSENSITIVE" [NEW] It's Valentine's Day, and Cuddy has a blind date. Meanwhile, House leaves ER duty to take the case of a child patient named Hannah.

02.06.07 :: 313 "NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK" [NEW] House and his staff must deal with a teenage Gypsy boy suffering from inexplicable respiratory distress. However, House has bigger issues on his mind: Cuddy has given away his handicapped spot.

01.30.07 :: 312 "ONE DAY, ONE ROOM" [NEW] While House is forced to work full-time in the clinic and deal with a rape victim who insists on confiding with him, Cameron deals with with a terminal cancer patient trying to take advantage of her state of mind.

Preemted for 3 weeks

01.09.07 :: 311 "WORDS AND DEEDS" [NEW] Before his date in court, House has something to say to Tritter as he treats a firefighter who's shivering when he arrives at the hospital from a fire. But then he shrugs off his staff's request for more input on the case and checks into drug rehab.

01.09.07 :: 310 "MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS" [R - SPECIAL TIME] Wilson arranges for House to make a deal with Tritter, but House refuses. Meanwhile, Cuddy cuts House off Vicodin and removes him from the team's case: a 15-year-old little person who entered the hospital with a collapsed lung and anemia.

12.25.06 :: Ho-Ho-House. Merry Xmas and a Happy go to Hell, everyone!

12.19.06 :: 301 "MEANING" [R] After recovering from his gunshot wounds, House works feverishly on two cases at the same time: a paralyzed man who drove his wheelchair into a swimming pool and a woman who became paralyzed after a yoga session.

12.19.06 :: 224 "NO REASON" [R -- SPECIAL TIME] As House and his team work on the diagnosis of Vince, a man with a giant swollen tongue, disgruntled former patient Jack Moriarty walks into House's office and shoots him.

12.18.06 :: 209 "DECEPTION" [R -- SPECIAL DAY] Off-track betting gambler Anica collapses in front of House while they are both following horse races at the site.

12.12.06 :: 310 "MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS" [NEW] Wilson arranges for House to make a deal with Tritter, but House refuses. Meanwhile, Cuddy cuts House off Vicodin and removes him from the team's case: a 15-year-old little person who entered the hospital with a collapsed lung and anemia.

12.11.06 :: 220-21 "EUPHORIA (PARTS 1 & 2)" [R -- SPECIAL DAY] Foreman starts showing the same symptoms as a patient with uncontrollable laughter. As the original patient's condition continues to deteriorate, Forman is forced to watch up-close as the officer descends into unbearable and unmanageable pain. The team races to find the cause of the illness before Foreman's condition takes the same deadly path.

12.05.06 :: 121 "THREE STORIES" [R] House's ex-girlfriend Stacy Warner returns - not to be with House, but to get his help for her ailing husband. While House decides whether or not to take the case, Cuddy instructs him to substitute for a sick professor and present a lecture to a class of medical students.

11.28.06 :: 309 "FINDING JUDAS" [NEW] House takes the case of a young girl who has been diagnosed with pancreatitis. When he takes her divorced parents to court to force them to allow treatment because they can't agree, the judge awards guardianship of the girl to Cuddy. Meanwhile, Tritter continues his strategy to force House to admit to his drug use by offering one of the team members a deal.

11.27.06 :: Lisa Edelstein on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

11.21.06 :: 308 "WHAC-A-MOLE" [NEW] An 18-year-old man is brought to the hospital after having a heart attack. House reviews the man's file and believes he has the diagnosis and then turns the case into a game by sealing his opinion in an envelope and challenging Cameron, Foreman, and Chase to guess his diagnosis on their own. Meanwhile, Tritter is determined to disrupt Wilson's ability to practice medicine as well as destroy his friendship with House.

11.14.06 :: 307 "SON OF A COMA GUY" [NEW] Symptoms point to a possible genetic connection when House notices something about the son of a man who has been in a coma for a decade; Wilson confronts House about stealing his prescription pad.

11.13.06 :: Hugh Laurie on The Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson.

11.07.06 :: 306 "QUE SERÁ SERÁ" [NEW] The team encounters logistical problems while trying to run tests on a 600-pound man due to his extremely large size. Meanwhile, House spends the night in jail after being arrested by Officer Tritter for various charges, including resisting arrest.

11.06.06 :: Hugh Laurie on Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno.

10.30.06 :: 305 "FOOLS FOR LOVE" [NEW] House takes the case of a young woman who has been rushed to the hospital with problems breathing and severe stomach pain after she and her husband were robbed. After her husband collapses, the team believes the couple's illnesses are related. Meanwhile, Michael Tritter, a clinic patient, causes problems for House that could have serious ramifications.

10.28.06 :: Hugh Laurie hosts Saturday Night Live

HOUSE is on hiatus until after baseball.

10.03.06 :: 223 "WHO'S YOUR DADDY?" [R] Despite feeling more pain than usual in his leg, at the prompting of an ex-bandmate House takes the case of a 16-year-old female Hurricane Katrina victim suffering from hallucinations about the tragedy. Meanwhile, Cuddy asks House to review two medical files, and it doesn't take long for him to figure out that she's looking for a sperm donor.

09.26.06 :: 304 "LINES IN THE SAND" [NEW] When three previous doctors are not able to diagnose why a severely autistic boy screams loudly for no apparent reason, House takes the case. Although the boy isn't sick, it becomes obvious to the team that House relates to the boy because he can't lie.

09.19.06 :: 303 "INFORMED CONSENT" [NEW] House puts a well-known medical researcher through a battery of tests to determine why he collapsed in his lab. When the team is unable to diagnose the problem, the doctor asks the team to help him end his life. House is forced to use his cane again after the ketamine has worn off as he deals with a clinic patient's teenaged daughter who has a crush on him.

09.12.06 :: 302 "CAIN & ABLE" [NEW] House and the team treat a young boy who claims there is a tracking device in his neck and believes he has been the subject of experiments by aliens. Cameron is outraged when she learns Cuddy and Wilson have been lying to House about the diagnosis on his last case.

09.05.06 :: 301 "MEANING" [NEW - THIRD SEASON PREMIERE] After recovering from his gunshot wounds, House works feverishly on two cases at the same time: a paralyzed man who drove his wheelchair into a swimming pool and a woman who became paralyzed after a yoga session.

See you all in the fall for Season 3!

Congratulations to House's 4 Emmy nominations, including Best Drama Series!

05.23.06 :: 224 "NO REASON" [NEW - SECOND SEASON FINALE] As House and his team work on the diagnosis of Vince, a man with a giant swollen tongue, disgruntled former patient Jack Moriarty walks into House's office and shoots him.

05.16.06 :: 223 "WHO'S YOUR DADDY?" [NEW] Despite feeling more pain than usual in his leg, at the prompting of an ex-bandmate House takes the case of a 16-year-old female Hurricane Katrina victim suffering from hallucinations about the tragedy. Meanwhile, Cuddy asks House to review two medical files, and it doesn't take long for him to figure out that she's looking for a sperm donor.

05.09.06 :: 222 "FOREVER" [NEW] When young mother Kara has a seizure while bathing her child, it causes the near drowning of her newborn son. Unable to determine the cause of Kara's seizures, House and the team race to find what's wrong with her while simultaneously trying to bring her infant back to life.

05.03.06 :: 221 "EUPHORIA (PART 2)" [NEW -- SPECIAL DAY] The team races to find the cause of the illness before Foreman's condition takes the same deadly path.

05.02.06 :: 220 "EUPHORIA (PART 1)" [NEW] Foreman starts showing the same symptoms as a patient with uncontrollable laughter. As the original patient's condition continues to deteriorate, Forman is forced to watch up-close as the officer descends into unbearable and unmanageable pain.

04.25.06 :: 219 "HOUSE VS. GOD" [NEW] House and his team must confront their own feelings about faith and God when 15-year-old faith healer, Boyd, is admitted and claims he can talk to God and refuses surgery on his brain because he believes it will take away his healing power. House thinks the kid is a clever con until the boy touches one of Wilson's cancer patients and causes her cancer to go into remission.

04.18.06 :: 218 "SLEEPING DOGS LIE" [NEW] A young woman swallows a bottle of sleeping pills -- not to kill herself but to go to sleep, something she says she hasn't done in 10 days. Meanwhile, House keeps falling asleep because living with Wilson has disrupted his sleep pattern. And Cameron's mad at Foreman for swiping her ideas for a medical-journal article, and at House for letting him do it.

04.11.06 :: 217 "ALL IN" [NEW] During a benefit poker event, House tries to prevent a young boy from suffering the same fate as a former patient.

04.04.06 :: 216 "SAFE" [NEW] A young heart-transplant patient has a severe allergic reaction and goes into shock despite living in a "clean" room.

03.28.06 :: 215 "CLUELESS" [NEW] House fights to find proof of how a woman is trying to kill her husband. When Wilson moves in with House after his separation, House discovers he is a great cook.


03.07.06 :: 214 "SEX KILLS" [NEW] A patient needs a heart transplant in order to cure a bacterial infection, but the donor is unfit due to a mysterious illness.

02.28.06 :: Preempted

02.24.06 :: Hugh Laurie on The Late Show w/ Daviod Letterman.

02.20.06 :: 213 "SKIN DEEP" [NEW -- SPECIAL NIGHT & TIME] House treats a teenage supermodel for heroin addiction and, in the process, uncovers a startling secret about the girl. Meanwhile, Wilson hopes that House's increased leg pain indicates that his leg nerves are regenerating, and a male clinic patient suffers from high estrogen levels that allow him to experience his wife's pregnancy -- including morning sickness and labor pains.

02.14.06 :: 212 "DISTRACTIONS" [NEW] When a young man comes into the hospital severely burned, but with some unusual activity going on in his blood tests, House and his team have a difficult challenge, unable to use normal testing methods. To complicate matters further, House is intent on proving that a former colleague from medical school's new migraine drug doesn't work and makes himself the guinea pig of his own unofficial tests, with painful results.

02.07.06 :: 211 "NEED TO KNOW" [NEW] The team tries to diagnose a working mother who suffers from flailing fits. Meanwhile, House and Stacy examine their own relationship.

01.16.06 :: Congratulations to Hugh Laurie on his GOLDEN GLOBE win for best actor!

01.10.06 :: 210 "FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE" [NEW] With House and Stacy out of town, the team is left on their own to help a journalist, whose sudden collapse is followed by an inability to speak clearly.

01.03.06 :: 204 "TB OR NOT TB" [R] While in Africa, a famous doctor becomes inexplicably ill and is sent to Dr. House for treatment.

12.31.05 :: 203 "HUMPTY DUMPTY" [R - SPECIAL DATE & TIME] When Cuddy's handyman, Alfredo, falls from her roof and develops strange symptoms, she joins the team to figure out what is wrong with him.

12.27.05 :: 107 "FIDELITY" [R] When a young housewife falls ill, House suspects that she has contracted a rare sexually transmitted disease, but she and her husband each deny having an affair.

12.23.05 :: [R] Hugh Laurie on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

12.20.05 :: 105 "DAMNED IF YOU DO" [R] Dr. House's approach raises questions when he treats a nun for what he believes to be an allergy, not realizing that her past is coming back to haunt her.

12.13.05 :: 209 "DECEPTION" [NEW] Off-track betting gambler Anica collapses in front of House while they are both following horse races at the site.

12.06.05 :: Preempted

11.29.05 :: 208 "THE MISTAKE" [NEW] House and Chase find themselves in a serious situation after a young mother with stomach pains dies. Months later, Stacy counsels Chase prior to his disciplinary hearing, and must determine whether Chase made a mistake that ultimately led to the patient's death. She soon realizes he is holding something back.

11.22.05 :: 207 "HUNTING" [NEW] A gay man with full-blown AIDS collapses in front of House's home and goes into shock. When House discovers the man's father is suffering from unique symptoms of his own, he must determine if they might be connected and save both their lives. Meanwhile, Cameron faces a potentially life-threatening disease of her own.

11.16.05 :: Hugh Laurie on The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno.

11.15.05 :: 206 "SPIN" [NEW] A professional bicyclist is brought in after collapsing during a race, but House doesn't want to treat him because he thinks the athlete is taking performance-enhancing drugs. House only becomes interested when the patient admits to taking the drugs.

11.15.05 :: Sela Ward on The View.

11.11.05 :: Hugh Laurie on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

11.08.05 :: 205 "DADDY'S BOY" [NEW] Trust issues between a father and his mysteriously ill son prevent the medical team from getting the information they need to diagnose and treat the illness.

11.07.05 :: Hugh Laurie on The Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson.

11.01.05 :: 204 "TB OR NOT TB" [NEW] While in Africa, a famous doctor becomes inexplicably ill and is sent to Dr. House for treatment.

10.19.05 :: 112 "SPORTS MEDICINE" [R] A severely broken arm reveals underlying problems and ends the comeback plans of a major league pitcher, who House suspects is taking steroids.


10.01.05 :: Hugh Laurie and Sela Ward will be a part of the Mississippi Hurricane Recovery Fund to air on MSNBC at 7pm EST.

09.27.05 :: 203 "HUMPTY DUMPTY" [NEW] When Cuddy's handyman, Alfredo, falls from her roof and develops strange symptoms, she joins the team to figure out what is wrong with him.

09.20.05 :: 202 "AUTOPSY" [NEW] A 9-year-old patient with terminal cancer handles her situation so well that House begins to wonder whether she is really that brave or if it is a medical symptom.

09.18.05 :: Primetime Emmy Awards :: Nominated for 5 Emmys: Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series, Outstanding Main Title Design, Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Dramatic Underscore), Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series ("Three Stories") and Hugh Laurie is up for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

09.17.05 :: House spoof on MadTV.

09.13.05 :: 201 "ACCEPTANCE" [NEW - SEASON PREMIERE] When a Death Row inmate collapses, House jumps at the chance to take the case, despite Cameron's refusal to treat the patient in protest of patients more deserving.

09.07.05 :: Hugh Laurie on Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno.

08.30.05 :: HOUSE DVD Boxset released.


05.24.05 :: 122 "THE HONEYMOON" [NEW - SEASON FINALE] While House works to save Stacy's husband, he cannot help but think his feelings for her may have reignited.

05.17.05 :: 121 "THREE STORIES" [NEW] House's ex-girlfriend Stacy Warner returns - not to be with House, but to get his help for her ailing husband. While House decides whether or not to take the case, Cuddy instructs him to substitute for a sick professor and present a lecture to a class of medical students.

05.10.05 :: 120 "LOVE HURTS" [NEW] While Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital is rife with rumor and speculation about House's imminent date with Cameron, House apparently scares a meek clinic patient into having a stroke. The team must navigate their way through the patient's odd proclivities, overbearing "friend" and reluctant parents in order to stop the strokes and try to save the guy's life. All the while, Wilson, Cuddy and the team offer House dating advice and lay odds on the outcome.

05.03.05 :: 119 "KIDS" [NEW] A meningitis takes over the hospital after the highly contagious disease is discovered at a diving meet. House and his team treat a 12-year-old female diver who seems to have something else wrong with her, causing her to bleed into her brain. Meanwhile, House asks Cameron to come back to work -- she agrees, but she's got a surprising requirement.

05.02.05 :: Jennifer Morrison on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

04.26.05:: 106 "THE SOCRATIC METHOD" [R] A schizophrenic with deep-vein thrombosis and possible alcoholism prompts House to stop all her medications, and he gets Foreman and Chase to search her apartment, where they learn a lot about her and her teenage son.

04.19.05 :: 118 "BABIES & BATHWATER" [NEW] House and his team scramble to find the cause of kidney and brain dysfunction in a pregnant woman, leaving the woman and her husband to face a heartbreaking choice, as Vogler continues his quest to have House fired.

04.12.05 :: 117 "ROLE MODEL" [NEW] When Tom Wright, a senator with presidential aspirations, becomes ill, House examines him and finds that the symptoms point toward AIDS, a condition that would squash his career.

04.05.05 :: 107 "FIDELITY" [R] When a young housewife falls ill, House suspects that she has contracted a rare sexually transmitted disease, but she and her husband each deny having an affair.

03.29.05 :: 116 "HEAVY" [NEW] House must fire one of his doctors. He lets them settle it among themselves. Meanwhile, a 10 year old child has suffered a heart attack. House is also faced with a woman who won't accept her pregnancy despite the fact that her belly is huge.

03.22.05 :: 115 "MOB RULES" [NEW] When a mob informant suddenly collapses before court, House and his team try to cure him or determine if he is faking.

03.15.05 :: 114 "CONTROL" [NEW] While House treats a 32-year-old cosmetics CEO whose leg pain turns much more serious, the hospital welcomes its new board chairman.� He's donated $100 million to the Princeton-Plainsboro and now wants to run it.� Not surprisingly, he isn't happy with House or his department.

11.08.04 :: 103 "OCCAM'S RAZOR" [R] A collegian collapses after raucous sex with his girlfriend, and Dr. House and his team scramble to figure out why as the student's condition worsens.

03.01.05 :: 113 "CURSED" [NEW] A boy, the son of one of the hospital's major financial supporters, believes he is cursed after his parent's divorce and he falls sick. His father makes escalating demands of House and the team, urging them to understand the boy's pneumonia-like symptoms and incongruous rash. Meanwhile, House invites Chase's father, a renowned doctor visiting from Australia, into their circle of diagnosticians much to Chase's discomfort.

02.22.05 :: 112 "SPORTS MEDICINE" [NEW] A severely broken arm reveals underlying problems and ends the comeback plans of a major league pitcher, who House suspects is taking steroids.

02.15.05 :: 111 "DETOX" [NEW] A chink is detected in House's armor. Cuddy and House make a wager -- House goes off his ever-present painkiller Vicodin for one week in exchange for getting out of clinic duty for a month. As his pain mounts, House becomes increasingly irascible -- well, more so than usual -- and Cuddy, his entire team and even Wilson begin to wonder if the effects of his detox are clouding his judgment in a case of a young man's unexplained blood loss.

02.08.05 :: 110 "HISTORIES" [NEW] Dr. Foreman believes an uncooperative homeless woman is faking seizures so she can stay in the hospital, but her worsening symptoms prove to be a complex mystery for Dr. House and his team.

02.01.05 :: 109 "DNR" [NEW] A legendary jazz musician checks into the hospital, believing he is dying of ALS, and signs a "do not resuscitate" order, which House violates to save the man's life.

01.25.05 :: 108 "POISON" [NEW] House and his team investigate the mysterious poisoning of a high-school student, and they think they have the answers they need until a second teen develops the same symptoms.

01.18.05 :: Preempted

01.11.05 :: Preempted

01.04.05 :: 101 "PILOT" [R] A young kindergarten teacher, Rachel Adler, suffers a seizure and collapses in her classroom. She is taken to Dr, House and his team of experts who identify it might be a tumor, and she might have only a week to live.

12.29.04 :: 107 "FIDELITY" [NEW] When a young housewife falls ill, House suspects that she has contracted a rare sexually transmitted disease, but she and her husband each deny having an affair.

12.21.04 :: 106 "THE SOCRATIC METHOD" [NEW] A schizophrenic with deep-vein thrombosis and possible alcoholism prompts House to stop all her medications, and he gets Foreman and Chase to search her apartment, where they learn a lot about her and her teenage son.

12.14.04 :: 105 "DAMNED IF YOU DO" [NEW] Dr. House's approach raises questions when he treats a nun for what he believes to be an allergy, not realizing that her past is coming back to haunt her.

12.07.04 :: 104 "MATERNITY" [NEW] Dr. House annoys his boss when he suggests that two sick newborns in the hospital is the start of an epidemic, but as more babies fall ill, the maternity ward closes and the doctors battle over courses of treatment.

11.30.04 :: 103 "OCCAM'S RAZOR" [NEW] A collegian collapses after raucous sex with his girlfriend, and Dr. House and his team scramble to figure out why as the student's condition worsens.

11.23.04 :: 102 "PATERNITY" [NEW] When a teenage lacrosse player is stricken with an unidentifiable brain disease, Dr. House and the team hustle to give his parents answers. Chase breaks the bad news, the kid has MS, but the boy's night-terror hallucinations disprove the diagnosis and send House and his team back to square one.

11.16.04 :: 101 "PILOT" [NEW] A young kindergarten teacher, Rachel Adler, suffers a seizure and collapses in her classroom. She is taken to Dr, House and his team of experts who identify it might be a tumor, and she might have only a week to live.