Season One

Damian Lewis (Charlie Crews)
Sarah Shahi (Dani Reese)
Brooke Langton (Constance Griffiths)
Adam Arkin (Ted Earley)
Robin Weigert (Lt. Karen Davis)

Premiered September 26th, 2007

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Special thanks to Maya Tawi for help identifying the near-impossible "Prince of Persia" track.







26 "A New Beginning" Births, Deaths & Marriages, Track [?] Camcorder.

Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra "Kiss The Sky" Voices and Choices, Track 4 FBI betrayal; number needed.

Sprockets "You Can Save Me" [?], Track [?] FBI betrayal; number needed.

t.A.T.u. "Zachem Ya (Stars)" 200 Km/H in the Wrong Lane, Track 8 Searching for Reese.

Godshills "Zowie" [?], Track [?] Searching for Reese.

Seryoga "King Ring" [?], Track [?] Going to the orchard.

Clayhill "Afterlight" Small Circle, Track 9 The trade.

Blue Light "Hard Heavy Rain" [?], Track [?] The trade.

Hayden "More Than Alive" In Field & Town, Track 2 Closing Scenes.

Will Derryberry "Lifelong Lullaby" [?], Track [?] Closing Scenes.

Earlimart "The World" Mentor Tormentor, Track 11 Hot tub body.

Abbe Layne "Can't Be Found" [?], Track [?] Hot tub body.

Cat Power "Maybe Not" You Are Free, Track 10 Reece's phone/gun | Faux Roman.

The Dacoits "Half A Song" [?], Track [?] Reece's phone/gun | Faux Roman.

Jim Noir "Don't You Worry" Jim Noir, Track 4 Drained assitant coroner.

The Rooks "Meditation" [?], Track [?] Drained assistant coroner.

Miriam Gauci "La Wally, Act I: Ebben? Ne andro lontana" (composed by Alfredo Catalani) [?], Track [?] Ellison.

Alexander Rahbari ft Nelly Miricioiu "Tosca: Vissi d'arte" (Giacomo Puccini) [?], Track [?] Dead melon.

The Crystal Method "High Roller" Vegas, Track 4 Party in a morgue.

The Beauty Above "Skin" Lust, Track 1 Party in a morgue.

Secret Machines "Now You're Gone" Secret Machines, Track 5 The 5 quarts.

Ketamine Suns "Finnish Girls" [?], Track [?] The 5 quarts.

Andrew Bird "Fiery Crash" Armchair Apocrypha, Track 1 Rayborn photos; another FBI offer.

Hillmisters "Fall From Grace" [?], Track [?] Rayborn photos; another FBI offer.

The Scanners "Raw" Violence Is Golden, Track 8 Elevator tussle.

Blonde Redhead "SW" 23, Track 4 "Honey Pot"'s belly ring.

Calla "It Dawned On Me" Collisions, Track 1 Dead jogger on the beach.

Cloud Eleven "The One" Terrestrial Ballet, Track 1 Dead jogger on the beach.

Shivaree "Gone Too Far" Rough Dreams, Track 2 AFO flight.

She & Him "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" Volume 1, Track 2 Quentin Norris.

Rob Goraieb "I Feel For You" [?], Track [?] Quentin Norris.

Keane "Somewhere Only We Know" Hopes and Fears, Track 1 Threatened reputation yeilds results.

Flight Crash Companion "Space Hooker" Criminals, Track 2 Threatened reputation yeilds results.

Travis "Hit Me, Baby One More Time" [?], Track [?] "Man on a stick" | Closing riff.

The Mockers "Funk #50" [?], Track [?] "Man on a stick" | Closing riff.

Psapp "Fix It" The Camel's Back, Track 8 Charlie and Bobby interview Jerome's "girls."

Gram Rabbit "They're Watching [Me]" [?], Track [?] Body in a roofless house.

The Rooks "No One Lasts Forever" [?], Track [?] Body in a roofless house.

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] Chauferring Rayborn.

Beethoven "Sonata For Violin and Piano No.5 in F Major 'Spring' Op.24 Adagio Molto Espressivo" [?], Track [?] Tea with Mrs. Ford.

The Staple Singers "Respect Yourself" The Best of..., Track 7 China clock.

Gary Jules and The Group Rules (feat. Jim Bianco) "Been A Long Time" Bird, Track 7 Rayborn's bloody boat.

Nazareth "Love Hurts" Greatest Hits, Track 3 Dead rocker on stage.

Clinic "The Witch" Do It!, Track 3 Visit to the dentist.

Black Keys "Psychotic Girl" Attack and Release, Track 4 Interviewing Patty.

Night Ranger "Sister Christian" Greatest Hits, Track 5 Return visit to the dentist.

Whitesnake "Here I Go Again" The Whitesnake Collection, Track 1 Unmasking Al; Sharpie; Flower car.

Jim White "Crash Into The Sun" Transnormal Skiperoo, Track 4 Dead pilot.

Maple Mars "Silver Spy Satellite" [?], Track [?] Dead pilot.

Kinky "Oye Como Va" Rarities, Track 2 Observing Dean.

Wotlie "Becky Party Piece" Everyonesadeejay, Track 4 Observing Dean.

M83 "Highway Of Endless Dreams" Saturdays=Youth, Track 8 Remaking a bullet.

Groove Armada "Hands Of Time" Love Box, Track 7 The truth about Jack; Ted's release.

Godshills "Way" [?], Track [?] The truth about Jack; Ted's release.

The Broken West "Got It Bad" Now or Heaven, Track 8 Opening Scenes.

Khromozomes "Together" [?], Track [?] Opening Scenes.

Onili "Sentimental" [?], Track [?] Visiting Roman's club.

Gogol Bordello "60 Revolutions" Gypsy Punks Underdog World Strike, Track 5 Searching Roman's club.

Low "Monkey" The Great Destroyer, Track 1 Raiding Roman's club.

Coldplay "42" Viva La Vida, Track 4 Opening Scenes.

Caution Cat "Spear (Heart Will Fade)" Between Songs, Track 3 Opening Scenes.

Los Dug Dug's "Lost In My World" [?], Track [?] L.A. Museum Of Murder And Mayhem.

The Big Sleep "Oliver Future" [?], Track [?] Death at LAMOMAM.

Punsapaya "You Deserve Something" [?], Track [?] Death at LAMOMAM.

The Uncut "Understanding The New Violence" Those Who Were Hung Hang Here, Track 1 Confronting Squeaky.

Brightblack Morning Light "Everybody Daylight" Brightblack Morning Light, Track 1 A visit from Bodner.

Ketamine Suns "The Puzzle" Rescue Records Ketamine Suns Vol 1., Track 9 A visit from Bodner.

The Earlies "Morning Wonder" These Were The Earlies, Track 6 Opening scenes.

Wotlie "Then You'll Know" Everyonesadeejay, Track 5 Opening scenes.

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] Ride to Hawes' trailer.

!!! (Chk Chik Chick) "Yadnus" Myth Takes, Track 7 Raiding Eval's house.

Radiohead "Reckoner" In Rainbows, Track 7 "Dude"; Rayborn's party.

Wotlie "Wet Cigarette" Everyonesadeejay, Track 2 "Dude"; Rayborn's party.

Sam Phillips "No Explanations" Don't Do Anything, Track 1 Opening scenes.

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] The Lucky Seven.

Simply Jane "One Way In" [?], Track [?] The Lucky Seven.

Honeyhoney "Little Toy Gun" First Rodeo, Track 2 Pool party / shooting range.

Primrose Music "Ah Ah" [?], Track [?] Pool party / shooting range.

The Gutter Twins "Flow Like A River" [?], Track [?] Exposing Alex.

The Lucky Strikes "Take Me Home" [?], Track [?] Exposing Alex.

Jim Noir "Happy Day Today" Jim Noir, Track 6 Death in the Christmas display.

The Mates "I Want Some Of What You're On" [?], Track [?] Death in the Christmas display.

[?] "Jingle Bells" [?], Track [?] Hunting For Zak / Carolers wander the mall.

The Kinks "Father Christmas" Come Dancing with the Kinks: The Best of the Kinks 1977-1986, Track 18 "Investigating" the mall.

Blaire Woods "Jingle Jangle Christmas" [?], Track [?] "Investigating" the mall.

n/a "Deck The Halls" [?], Track [?] Carolers sing as Santa arrests Clay.

Cat Power "Cross Bones Style" Moon Pix, Track 10 Charlie and Jennifer meet at a motel special to them.

Maggie Walters "Another Living Room" [?], Track [?] Charlie and Jennifer meet at a motel special to them.

Jackie Greene "I Don't Live In A Dream" Giving Up the Ghost, Track 3 Reese meets Tidwell for dinner.

Will Derryberry "What Do You Think" [?], Track [?] Reese meets Tidwell for dinner.

The Gutter Twins "I Was In Love With You" Saturnalia, Track 9 Dead at the dinner table; LWA.

Caution Cat "Perfect Disaster" Put On Your Headphones, Track 5 Dead at the dinner table; LWA.

Von Iva "Where U At ?!?" Our Own Island, Track 2 Dale's bus.

The New Hotness "Rotub" [?], Track [?] Dale's bus.

Nino Rota "Godfather Theme" [OST] The Godfather, Track 7 Horn.

5 Alarm Music "I'm Not That Girl" [?], Track [?] Questioning Dale.

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] Questioning Dale.

The Gutter Twins "God's Children" Saturnalia, Track 3 Investigating Hannah/Leann.

Flight Crash Companion "They Tried To Break You 2.0" But Will It Sell?, Track 2 Investigating Hannah/Leann.

The Magic Numbers "Let Somebody In" Those the Brokes, Track 9 Dinner invitation; absolute truth.

Adam Rader "The Speed Of Life" The Speed Of Life, Track 5 Dinner invitation; absolute truth.

John Doe "The Golden State" [?], Track [?] Reese interrupts Crew's 'moment'.

Rob Goraieb "Soho (I Can Make It So)" [?], Track [?] Reese interrupts Crew's 'moment'.

Lo-Fidelity Allstars "Battleflag" How to Operate with a Blown Mind, Track 7 Arresting Rawls.

Wotlie "No Room For The Tonic" [?], Track [?] Arresting Rawls.

The Hell Yeahs "Rebound Girl" Hell Yeahs, Track 4 Zen vs Rock.

The Fades "I Have No Life" [?], Track [?] Zen vs Rock.

Supergrass "Diamond Hoo Ha Man" Diamond Hoo Ha, Track 1 Burned corpse.

Beck "Soul Of A Man" Modern Guilt, Track 8 June's house.

Nectar Music Group "More Than Less" [?], Track [?] June's house.

Angus & Julia Stone "Mango Tree" [?], Track [?] Aftermath.

Aiden Falls "You Can Count On Me" [?], Track [?] Aftermath.

The Panderers "Come On" Hotshot's Boy, Track 1 The crushed body at the wreckers.

The Rooks "It Brought Me Down" [?], Track [?] The crushed body at the wreckers.

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] Daddy dearest.

Guster "One Man Wrecking Machine" Ganging Up on the Sun, Track 4 Back at Greyscale Music/The cd cover.

Spoon "They Never Got You" Gimme Fiction, Track 10 Talking to Nathan's "girls."

Caution Cat "Find Yourself (A New Way)" Between Songs, Track 10 Talking to Nathan's "girls."

Elliott Smith "Pretty (Ugly Before)" From a Basement on the Hill, Track 3 Rachel and an unexpected visitor.

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] Lynn's record.

Clem Snide "Moment In The Sun" The Ghost of Fashion, Track 7 Closing.

Will Derryberry "Walls Do Not A Prison Make" [?], Track [?] Closing."

The Beta Band "Squares" The Best of the Beta Band, Track 8 "Kind'a freaky-deeky."

Ketamine Suns "Flatscreen" Rescue Records Ketamine Suns Vol 1., Track 11 "Kind'a freaky-deeky."

Kid Beyond "I Shall Be Free" Amplivate, Track 4 Sunlight | Closing Scenes.

Tyrone K. Sullivan "Youth Today" [?], Track [?] Sunlight | Closing Scenes.

Galactic feat. Lyrics Born "I Got It (What You Need)" From the Corner to the Block, Track 1 Frat.

Rover 2000 "Yeah Yeah" [?], Track [?] Frat.

Eastern Conference Champions "The Box" Ameritown, Track 1 Charlie's hallucinations / Reece gets her hair caught in the car door.

Terence Fontaine "Flying" [?], Track [?] Charlie's hallucinations / Reece gets her hair caught in the car door.

Cat Power "Metal Heart" Jukebox, Disc 1, Track 3 Interview, redux / "Do we want to be civilized?"

Belinda Blair "No Quick Fix" [?], Track [?] Interview, redux / "Do we want to be civilized?"

Ladytron "Ghosts" Velocifero, Track 2 Opening Scenes / Rounding up the gang members.

Nectar Music Group "Closer To You" [?], Track [?] Opening Scenes / Rounding up the gang members.

Cornelius "Count Five or Six" [?], Track [?] Flext gym.

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] Back at Flext gym.

Low "Cue the Strings" The Great Destroyer, Track 7 Charlie enlists Jennifer to talk with Rachel / Jack Reese's file / Backseat.

Flight Crash Companion "They Tried To Break You 2.0" But Will It Sell?, Track 2 Charlie enlists Jennifer to talk with Rachel / Jack Reese's file / Backseat.

Sloane "Emergency 911" Parallel Play, Track 4 Maserati / Pulling over Jack Reese.

Matt Bissonette "Crazy World" [?], Track [?] Maserati / Pulling over Jack Reese.

Gram Rabbit "Devil's Playground" Music to Start a Cult To, Track 8 Numbered trunks.

Louise Fraser "Hold On Tight" [?], Track [?] Numbered trunks.

Shivaree "Thundercats" Rough Dreams, Track 5 "Boxed" dancer.

The Heavy "Colleen" Great Vengeance and Furious Fire, Track 2 Questioning John | Checking the invitations.

Caution Cat "Suzie Silver Wings" Put On Your Headphones, Track 8 Questioning John | Checking the invitations.

Priscilla Ahn "Dream" A Good Day, Track 1 Finding Rachel.

Oonagh Cassidy. "Communicate" [?], Track [?] Finding Rachel.

Kyuss "El Rodeo" ...And the Circus Leaves Town, Track 6 Opening Scenes/Prison.

Alan Reid "Alarm and Trip" > mp3 download< Opening Scenes/Prison.

Teddybears (f. Daddy Boastin') "Ahead of Time" Solf Machine, Track 8 Leaving the prison/Crime scene.

When You're Lost In Someone Else "The Beauty Above" > mp3 download< Opening Scenes/Prison.

X "Shoot Out The Lights" Beat the Retreat: Songs by Richard Thompson, Track 1 Buddha out the window/Preparing to confront Hollis.

D'Amato "Killer in Me" Synesthesia, Track 1 Buddha out the window/Preparing to confront Hollis.

Gram Rabbit "Sorry" Cultivation, Track 9 Gifting the muscle car.

Leonard Cohen "Who By Fire?" Cohen Live, Track 9 Pluot plum talk; Boa capture.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Down Boy" Is Is, Track 2 Crash aftermath with fake cops.

Gush "No Time Left" [?], Track [?] Crash aftermath with fake cops.

The Frames "Finally" Burn the Maps, Track 2 Closing Scenes.

Flight Crash Companion "Her Strangest Memories" An Untitled Winter, Track 6 Closing Scenes.

Liz Phair "Ride" whitechocolatespaceegg, Track 12 Finding "I'm with stupid."

Goldfrapp "Ooh La La" Supernature, Track 1 Vintage cellphone.

Caution Cat "Perfect Disaster" Put On Your Headphones, Track 5 Vintage cellphone.

Émilie Simon "Fleur de Saison" Végétale, Track 2 Wild party

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] Wild party

Shivaree "Hello Hello I'm Back Again" Tainted Love: Mating Calls & Fight Songs, Track 6 Constance shows up at the precinct.

The Rolling Stones "Gimme Shelter" Let It Bleed, Track 1 Elevator/Closing Scenes.

Del Bombers "Every Step I Take" [?], Track [?] Elevator/Closing Scenes.

Harri Lake "This Voiceless Cry" (Budda Bar Presents) Chill Out In Paris Vol. 1, Disc 1, Track 10 A guitar-playing body.

Lisa Witty "Silent Anymore" Color Me In, Track 8 A guitar-playing body.

The Raconteurs "Broken Boy Soldier" Broken Boy Soldiers, Track 3 Convoy/arresting Ray.

Beth Orton "Ooh Child" The Other Side of Daybreak, Track 1 Closing scenes.

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] Closing scenes.

Aimee Mann "One" (OST) Magnolia, Track 1 Opening scenes.

Beth Thornley "Arrogance" Beth Thornley, Track 4 Opening scenes.

Radiohead "All I Need" (buy from Funerals.

Caution Cat "Isn't It Scary?" Put On Your Headphones, Track 9 Funerals.

LCD Soundsystem "Daft Punk is Playing at My House" LCD Soundsystem, Disc 1, Track 1 Convenience store crimescene.

Punsapaya "CIA" > mp3 download< Convenience store crimescene.

Haale "Home Again"/"Ay Del" Paratrooper, Track 2 and 3 Playing "Prince of Persia."

Hooshere "Kele Lao" Provenance, Track 1 Playing "Prince of Persia."

(Christina Hendricks) "Sweet Hour of Prayer" n/a Olivia sings.

Lamb "Trans Fatty Acid (K&D Remix)" The K&D Sessions, Disc 1, Track 10 Rechecking spreadsheets/going to the Farmer house.

Ketamine Suns "Sarah" Rechecking spreadsheets/going to the Farmer house.

Camper van Beethoven "Pictures Of Matchstick Men" Key Lime Pie, Track 13 Closing Scenes.

Caution Cat "Who Are You" Put On Your Headphones, Track 6 Closing Scenes.

Morphine "Buena" Cure for Pain, Track 2 Opening Scenes.

STARS "Going, Going, Gone" Nightsongs, Track 3 Reese searches for the 911 call tape.

New Young Pony Club "Get Lucky" Fantastic Playroom, Track 1 Arresting Nick Larson.

Sparkehorse w/ The Flaming Lips "Go" The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered, Track [?] Closing Scenes.

Caution Cat "Get Out Of The Sticks" Eighteen, Track 1 Closing Scenes.

Ren Stewart "Face The Day" The Steiner Theory Crews and Reese talk with Lena at Ritual.

Gram Rabbit "Land of Jail" Music to Start a Cult To, Track 6 Raid on Ritual/finding Roman.

Gene Loves Jezebel "Is It Only Love That Lets You Down" [?], Track [?] Raid on Ritual/finding Roman.

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] "Metal and flesh" tattoo parlour.

Sigmatropic "Haiku Ten (feat. Cat Power)" 16 Haiku & Other Stories, Track 11 Finding the caged dogs and Oliver.

Donna De Lory "In The Sun" In the Glow, Track 4 Closing montage.

Shannon Penn "Tell Me" [?], Track [?] Closing montage.

Gram Rabbit "Bloody Bunnies" Cultivation, Track 3 Crews stands at the pool edge, then searches the surrounding area.

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] Crews stands at the pool edge, then searches the surrounding area.

[?] "[?]" Cultivation, Track [?] Lunch and bar-talk.

[?] "[?]" Cultivation, Track [?] Ted: "I think he used my toothbrush."

Beck "Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime" (OST) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Track 9 Closing scenes.

Will Derryberry "Seven" >DOWNLOAD< Closing scenes.

Benjamin Diamond "Mr. Fate" Out of Myself, Track 1 Crews confronts retired Det. Ames.

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] Crews confronts retired Det. Ames.

Molotov "Here We Kum" Dance and Dense Denso, Track 2 Reese and Crews at the car shop/Raid.

Andres Ayrado, Edgard Jaude & Rafael Torres "No Nadie" Urban Culture 2, Track [?] Reese and Crews at the car shop/Raid.

Bostich "Polaris" Nortec Collective: Tijuana Sessions, Vol. 1, Track 1 New ride | Closing scenes.

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] New ride | Closing scenes.

Shivaree "John, 2/14" Rough Dreams, Track 8 Finding the groom.

Mainline "Black Honey (Who Made Who Remix)" Plant Music, Track 1 Dani hits her "meeting" (bar/club scene).

The Old Nationals "Little Miss Saturday Night" The Old Nationals, Track [?] Charlie is confronted by Bobby's wife at the family BBQ.

Mogwai "Hunted By A Freak" Happy Songs for Happy People, Track 1 Charlie adds to his wall | Closing scenes.

Eastern Conference Champions "Single Sedative" Ameritown, Track 5 "I'm not attached to this car."

Negative "Last Hero" War Of Love, Track 10 "I'm not attached to this car."

Brazilian Girls "Jique" Talk to La Bomb, Track 1 Charlie "meditates."

The Frames "Dream Awake" Burn the Maps, Track 3 Charlie returns home, and adds to his conspiracy wall.


DJ Champion "No Heaven" Chill Em All, Track 2 Commercial (aka "the Canadian commercial")

The Frames "Dream Awake" Burn the Maps, Track 3 Promo

Our Lady Peace "Life" Spiritual Machines, Track 5 Promo

Rare Earth "I Just Want To Celebrate" The Best of Rare Earth, Track 2 Show Promo

[?] "[?]" [?], Track [?] Show Promo

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"One" might have been the series finale -- LIFE is on the bubble for pickup, and may be cancelled. No official word yet.

04.08.09 :: 221 "ONE" [NEW - SECOND SEASON FINALE] Crews searches for Reese, who vanished while working with the FBI. He soon discovers that his partner's disappearance is related to the conspiracy that landed him in jail.

04.01.09 :: 220 "INITIATIVE 38" [NEW] The detectives investigate the murder of a politician. The victim had been working on a handgun ban that had the potential to cost a gun company millions of dollars. Elsewhere, Crews looks into Reese's new duties with the FBI.

03.25.09 :: 219 "5 QUARTS" [NEW] Crews and Seever investigate the murder of a coroner, whose coworkers are suspected of the crime. The detectives must solve the case quickly because if a coroner is the culprit, many other cases could be compromised. Elsewhere, Ted tries to make peace with his daughter.

03.18.09 :: 218 "3 WOMEN" [NEW] Crews receives an overachieving new partner, Det. Jane Seever. The pair's first case involves the murder of a court reporter who had been pen pals with an imprisoned jewel thief.

03.11.09 :: 217 "SHELF LIFE" [NEW] Crews and Stark investigate the stabbing of a soldier during his leave in Los Angeles. Elsewhere, Mickey Rayborn's security specialist leads Crews to a surprising discovery.

02.25.09 :: 216 "HIT ME BABY" [NEW] Crews and Stark partner up after Reese receives an offer to join an FBI organized-crime task force. The former partners investigate the murder of a philandering financial adviser and uncover corporate and political corruption.

02.18.09 :: 215 "I HEART MOM" [NEW] A man who ran a construction scam is found dead in a roofless home and with money shoved in his mouth, so the detectives interview his hoodwinked customers to find suspects. Elsewhere, Crews confronts Rayborn and learns more about the conspiracy against him.

02.11.09 :: 214 "MIRROR BALL" [NEW] The lead singer of a heavy-metal band is suffocated. Crews and Reese immediately suspect that the band's ousted former front man is involved, but they also take notice of a homeless man who appears to be a devoted groupie. Elsewhere, Crews learns that his dad's wedding has been canceled.

02.04.09 :: 213 "RE-ENTRY" [NEW] Crews and Reese investigate the shooting of a retired NASA pilot, compiling a list of suspects that includes the man's son and business partner. The case takes a turn when they discover the pilot had planned to pay millions to the Russians for a trip to space. Elsewhere, Tidwell hopes to spark Crews' memory of who shot him.

LIFE returns February 4th 9/8c with new episodes.

12.17.08 :: 212 "TRAPDOOR" [NEW] The murder of three Russians leads the detectives to a Russian mobster who may also be linked to the Seybolt murders. Elsewhere, Crews shoots an intruder and Reese reverts to old habits.

12.10.08 :: 211 "CANYON FLOWERS" [NEW] A murdered man is buried up to his neck and surrounded by flower petals in a home's backyard. Crews and Reese believe the incident may be related to a cult from the 1970s. Elsewhere, Crews confronts Mickey Rayborn, despite warnings from the FBI.

12.03.08 :: 210 "EVIL...AND HIS BROTHER ZIGGY" [NEW] A sheriff's deputy is killed on an Indian reservation involved in a turf war over a casino. Elsewhere, Crews goes to a fund-raiser sponsored by a man he believes conspired against him.

11.19.08 :: 209 "BADGE BUNNY" [NEW] A teacher who only dated cops turns up dead in a seedy neighborhood. Meanwhile, Crews and Jennifer discuss their relationship, and Ted's students keep dropping out of his business class.

11.18.08 :: Sarah Shahi on Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson.

11.12.08 :: 208 "BLACK FRIDAY" [NEW] A murder at a mall on a busy shopping day leaves the detectives scrambling. While hunting the killer, they discover that the body has gone missing. Elsewhere, an FBI agent contacts Crews.

11.07.08 :: NBC has ordered a full season of LIFE.

11.05.08 :: 207 "JACKPOT" [NEW] The investigation of a woman's murder points to a lottery-winner support group whose members have trouble coping with their sudden windfalls. Elsewhere, Rachel, though mum on her family's murder, connects with Crews.

10.24.08 :: 206 "DID YOU FEEL THAT" [NEW] Crews and Reese track an escaped criminal after an earthquake strikes Los Angeles. Elsewhere, Ted is injured in the quake.

10.17.08 :: 205 "CRUSHED" [NEW] A man involved in an Internet love triangle turns up dead at a wrecking yard. Elsewhere, Crews uses an old photograph as a clue in his investigation of Jack Reese.

10.10.08 :: 204 "NOT FOR NOTHING" [NEW] A student acting as a corrections officer for a university's prison experiment ends up dead. Meanwhile, Crews obsesses over a wiretap recording of Jack Reese.

10.06.08 :: 203 "THE BUSINESS OF MIRACLES" [NEW] A research scientist is discovered frozen solid, and the ensuing murder probe points to an animal-rights group. Elsewhere, Ted asks Crews for a business-school referral.

10.03.08 :: 202 "EVERYTHING... ALL THE TIME" [NEW] A dead man found bound to a chair in an empty pool may be a result of gang violence and an underground party circuit. Elsewhere, Reese's father asks Ted for info on Crews' personal investigation, and Crews recruits Jennifer to help with Rachel.

09.29.08 :: 201 "FIND YOUR HAPPY PLACE" [NEW - SECOND SEASON PREMIERE] John Armstrong, a man whose job is to bring greeting cards and wedding announcements at a stationary store, is suspected of murdering people by putting people in trunks and letting them suffocate. An ice cream truck driver sells more than ice cream from his truck.

07.21.08 FROM THE FUTON CRITIC: "Returning drama "Life" will follow "Heroes" on two special Monday broadcasts (10-11 pm. ET) in addition to its regularly scheduled timeslot on Fridays (10-11 pm. ET) giving "Life" four hours of originals in two weeks on September 29, October 3, October 6 and October 10." Whoo!

New episodes of LIFE return in 2008... Fall 2008.

12.05.07 :: 110 "DIG A HOLE. FILL IT UP (PART II)" [NEW] Crews bails on a crime-scene search to hunt down the person whom he believes committed the murders that sent him to jail.

12.03.07 :: 110 "DIG A HOLE. FILL IT UP (PART I)" [NEW SPECIAL NIGHT] Crews and Reese question the students of a murdered Zen master. Elsewhere, evidence points to Reese's father in the murders that sent Crews to prison.

11.28.07 :: 109 "SERIOUS CONTROL ISSUES" [NEW] The investigation of a runaway girl's murder uncovers another crime from the past. Elsewhere, Crews takes steps to fight the murder case building against him.

11.21.07 :: Preempted.

11.14.07 :: 108 "FARTHINGALE" [NEW] The team investigates a gas explosion that killed a man leading a double life. Meanwhile, Crews becomes a murder suspect again after the lead detective on his case is found dead.

11.07.07 :: 107 "A CIVIL WAR" [NEW] Crews and Reese investigate an apparent hate crime involving three Persian-Americans, two of whom were killed while the other was kidnapped; Ted frets over Crews' impulsive decision to buy a solar farm after having a strange dream.

10.31.07 :: 106 "POWERLESS" [NEW] Reese thinks she hears a man confess to rape at her AA meeting and makes it her mission to get the truth on record; Crews uncovers a lie from Stark's past during a stakeout with Lt. Davis.

10.24.07 :: 105 "THE FALLEN WOMAN" [NEW] The detectives uncover a Russian-bride scam while investigating the death of a woman who fell from a hotel window dressed as an angel; Constance gets physical with a client.

10.17.07 :: 104 "WHAT THEY SAW" [NEW] While investigating a murder, Crews and Reese get conflicting accounts from the victim's neighbors and discover a suspicious homeless man with a link to the deceased; Constance confronts Crews about their relationship.

10.10.07 :: 103 "LET HER GO" [NEW] The husband of a murdered carjacking victim won't identify a suspect, leaving Crews and Reese to determine the truth behind the killing; Crews confronts the detective who put him in jail.

10.03.07 :: 102 "TEAR ASUNDER" [NEW] Crews and Reese investigate the murder of a bride killed on her wedding night; Stark invites an uneasy Charlie to a barbecue at his house; Ted encounters a mysterious woman looking for Charlie.

09.26.07 :: 101 "MERIT BADGE" [NEW - SERIES PREMIERE] After spending twelve years in prison for a crime he didnt commit, Charlie Crews rejoins the force with a shiny new Detective badge. Crews, accompanied by his new partner Dani Reese, works to solve the inexplicable murder of a young boy. Crews unconventional tactics put Reese on edge causing both Reese and Lt. Karen Davis to question his motives for rejoining the force.