May 2008 :: Diane is leaving SVU.

As Law and Order: SVU's ADA Casey Novak, Diane Neal has spent nearly a year throwing the book at bad guys. Sometimes this TV legal eagle's so carried away with herself, she feels like she is an attorney. A real judge recently had to give her a reality check. "I was in court testifying about a woman who lives in my building," she chuckles. "At one point, the judge actually yelled, 'Ms. Neal, just because you play a lawyer on TV does not mean you have license to speak whenever you feel like it in my courtroom!' It was a humbling experience." [from May 11, 2004 TVGuide Insider, author: Delaina Dixon]

[Ok, so what's the deal? Where's the official site ( Where are the articles, the photo shoots, the interviews, the gobs of material on Diane Neal? Did I miss the media blackout announcement? She's on a top-rated show, doing a great job playing a kick-ass attorney (I want to be Casey Novak when I grow up... dammit, I'm already grown) and her looks certainly aren't going to cause people to run in horror (far from it), so where's the love? Why are we all reading the same piddly official bio (also available below, lol) and collecting the same smattering of "official" pics and little more than screencaps (not that I'm faulting the caps, especially those from SVU: the DPs do wonderful work). Alas, it would seem there are too few blatant admirers (if you're here, I'll count you among the select few) -- I'll admit to being a huge fan, and will wait none-too-patiently for everyone else to get a clue. Consider this site (small though it be) a work in progress, a drop in the fandom bucket... If you're able to share info/links/whatever, please drop me a line.]

    Dracula III: Legacy (2004) Elizabeth Blaine
    "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (1999) ADA Casey Novak [2003- replacing departing lead Stephanie March (ADA Alexandra Cabot) in ep05.05 "Serendipity"]
    Second Born (2003) Natasha
    Dracula II: Ascension (2003) Elizabeth Blaine

    "Hack" (2002) Patricia Bennet [NOV 2002 ep03.10 "Husband and Wives"]
    "American Embassy" (2002) Molly Pierce [MAR 2002 ep01.01 "Pilot"]
    "Ed" (2000) Vanessa [FEB 2001 ep01.15 "Loyalties"]
    "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (1999) Amelia Chase [DEC 2001 ep03.10 "Ridicule"]

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
SEASON 5 / 2003-2004 Season
(Region 1 Disks)
Diane is first introduced as ADA Novak in episode 5.

Dracula II: Ascension
RATED R. Region 1 Disk.
Diane's screentest is included in the bonus features.

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