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05.06.02 :: Jodie was voted one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful. CBS, Turner have view to "Room" (Reuters); "Panic" spreads at foreign box office (Reuters); 'Panic' takes hold overseas as 'Ice' continues hot streak (Hollywood Reporter).

04.08.02 :: More articles: 'Panic' locks out intruders; 'Crimes' hot (Hollywood Reporter); 'Panic Room' hangs on to top box office spot (Reuters); 'Panic Room' Still Tops Box Office (Associated Press); "High Crimes" Can't Top "Panic" (E! Online); 'Panic Room' Hangs on to Top Box-Office Spot (Reuters); 'Panic Room' Still Tops Box Office (Associated Press); 'Panic Room' with Jodie Foster holds top box-office spot for second weekend (Associated Press).

04.06.02 :: was relaunched, and has a ton of great info. More articles: Whitaker Chooses Roles Artistically (Associated Press); Dwight Yoakam Acts in 'Panic Room' (Associated Press); 'Panic Room' Tops Box Office (Associated Press); 'Panic Room' Scares Up Record Box-Office Traffic (Reuters); Weekend Movies: 'Panic,' 'Smoochy,' Two for Kids (Reuters).

04.02.02 :: Articles galore: Foster packs viewers in for 'Panic Room' (Associated Press); "Panic" Time at the Movies (E! Online); Yoakam: Recording, Filmmaking Similar (Associated Press); 'Panic Room' Tops Box Office (Associated Press); 'Panic Room' Scares Up Record Box-Office Traffic (Reuters).

03.31.02 :: Added clip of Jodie on Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and some other video appearances from the past few days; Added clip of Jodie on The Rosie O'Donnell Show to surveillance. New article on E! Movie Scoop with Anderson Jones: Planning a Home Invasion. Good interviews with Jodie Foster and David Fincher at Cinema Confidential. Read the transcript of Jodie's 03.27.02 appearance on Larry King Live.

03.29.02 :: Panic Room Opens in North American theatres. Jodie Foster on The Rosie O'Donnell Show; Dwight Yoakam on Late, Late Show With Craig Kilborn; and E!'s Panic Room: Behind The Scenes Look airs (through the 31st).

03.27.02 :: Jodie Foster on Larry King Live. Dwight Yoakam on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Whole lotta new videos added to surveillance.

03.26.02 :: Jodie Foster on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Forest Whitaker on Last Call with Carson Daly

03.25.02 :: Articles just keep popping up all over. Here are two more: Foster makes 'Room' for instinct (USA TODAY) and Dwight Yoakam Says 'Panic Room' Is One Frightening Thriller (

03.20.02 :: Added Extra interview (full) to surveillance, as well as two additional TV Spots.

03.19.02 :: 'Panic' Pays Off for Foster "A thinking-man's women-in-jeopardy picture, "Panic Room" does about as much as humanly possible with its deliberately restricted one-setting premise..." [Read the full article]

03.18.02 :: Jodie Foster on Extra.

AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER03.17.02 :: American Cinematographer cover story on Panic Room: "Panic Room Raises Pulse Rates" (visit site).

Tons of new reviews appearing everywhere. Check these out (from AICN, pointed out by icolstad): Silvain dishes on Fincher's PANIC ROOM / MUAD DIB's PANIC ROOM Review!! / Two More PANIC ROOM Reviews!!.

03.16.02 :: New TV Spot (video) and 8 more pics added to surveillance, LOS ANGELES including 3 from the cover story in the March 2002 issue of Los Angeles Magazine. "There's a moment in director David Fincher's upcoming thriller, Panic Room, that shows why Jodie Foster got the lead role. Playing a newly divorced woman with a young daughter, Foster has just rented a huge Manhattan brownstone that has one unique feature: a hidden chamber build as a sanctuary in the even of a break-in. You know from the movie's title that something or someone will soon cause Foster and her daughter to take refuge there. Once they do, a breathless, freaked-out Foster looks straight into the camera, and you can see it, there in her alert blue eyes: a formidable intelligence that will save the day..." [read the article]

02.20.02 :: 4 more pics added to surveillance.

02.12.02 :: More pics added to surveillance.

PREMIERE02.08.01 :: Premiere cover story. "'The book [Hannibal] was clear about who she had become, but i'm not sure I agreed with it. It's certainly Thomas Harris's invention, but — oh, I shouldn't go into this.' This happens a lot in conversation with Foster. Just as her brain revs up to racing velocity, something reminds her that speed is dangerous, that somebody could get hurt, and she hits the breaks. This time, though, she's already into the curve and..." [read the article (courtesy of Agent Starling's Jodie Foster Fan Page)]

EW 02.08.01 :: Entertainment Weekly cover story. "It should have been good news. March 2001. David Fincher was five weeks into filming ''Panic Room,'' ...when his star Jodie Foster asked to speak privately with him and producer Cean Chaffin about an urgent matter..." [read more>]

02.07.02 :: Release date pushed back again, this time from March 8th to the 29th.

PANIC ROOM 01.10.02 :: Added quicktime version of the official trailer to Surveillance (trailer 02 below), and what appears to be an official poster. Also looks like the official site is up... kind'a.

01.07.02 :: Added link to WindowsMedia "Official" trailer.

12.17.01 :: Entertainment Tonight's "First Look" at Panic Room. [watch the clip] (Requires Quicktime 5)

12.15.01 :: Read Lester S. Livermore's Script Review : "What would happen if you decided to remake Home Alone as a serious adult thriller?..." [more>]

09.26.01 :: Ain't It Cool News test-screening reviews : "They said it was the first time it had been shown to an audience - that it was a rough cut and that it would be video projected..." [more>]

02.02.01 :: Jodie Foster has officially accepted a $12 million offer to take over the lead from injured Nicole Kidman, according to Variety.

01.26.01 :: Just two weeks into filming, Nicole Kidman suffered a knee injury which forced her to drop out of the film under doctor's orders.