"Grand Delusions"

Claire: "Whatever he is, if you could just convince him you're not Sancho Panza, okay?" Trevor: "I don't have time to convince people I'm not people I'm not -- I have a hard enough time convincing you I am who I am." Claire: "Look the thing is, I don't want to commit him."

Don Quixote: "You know what the problem with the world is today?" Trevor: "Mostly that I'm living in it." Don Quixote: "Everyone sees only what is there -- No one sees what could be. No one believes anymore."

Trevor: "Love heals, baby -- That's a fact." Claire: "A psychologically unstable person is not equipped to form a normal loving relationship." Trevor: "Don't tell me, tell Lisa Marie Presley." Claire: "Okay fine, you know what -- You don't want to help? Great."

Claire: A prostitute?" Trevor: "A stripper. Not everyone can make a hundred and fifty dollars messing with people's heads." Claire: "I don't make a hundred and fifty an hour." Trevor: "I wasn't talking about you."

Jaclyn: "Dr. Allen, Cupid is... Um, Trevor's here to see you." Claire: "I'm with a patient." Trevor: "What makes the handle 'Trevor Hale' any better than 'Cupid'?" Claire: "Because it's a human name instead of an answer on classical Jeopardy."

Trevor: "You were the one who said 'out in the real world, that he could be useful'. If he stays here, he'll sit in a corner and drool." Claire: "Who are we talking about?"

Trevor: "So there's no situation in which a delusion is preferable to what you mortals call reality." Claire: "None. Trevor, and that goes to whatever horror you've lived through as well." Trevor: "Good luck, Claire -- No delusions. That's a philosophy that's not so easy to live by."

Trevor: [rattles door] "Are you gonna let me out of here?" Claire: "I'd prefer you stayed." Trevor: "What, you've got an opening in electroshock? Two for one -- Don Quiote and Cupid?"