"HUMAN" Theme/opening sequence (titles version)
"HUMAN" Theme/opening sequence (long version and lyrics)
"HUMAN" (Pretenders "iVIVA EL AMOR!" Album Version )

"The Linguist"
"Heaven... He's in Heaven"
"A Truly Fractured Fairy Tale"
"First Loves"
"Meat Market"
"Pick Up Schticks"
"Heart of the Matter"
"End of an Eros"
"Hung Jury"
"A Great Personality"
"Grand Delusions"
"Bachelorete Party"
"The Children's Hour"

NOTE: I refuse to transcribe these. Bad enough with the episode clips... : )

Jeremy Piven on 'The Rosie O'Donnell Show' 12.07.98.
Jeremy discusses Director of Photography Robert Hudecek (kick ass job, man!), and Chicago.
Jeremy mentions what he's going to be doing and the money he's going to be making during hiatus.
Jeremy gives reasons for taking on the added responsibility of Producer.
Jeremy talking about how he first heard about 'Cupid'. ...Or, watch the VIDEO

Jeremy Piven on 'The Roseanne Show' 01.04.99.
Jeremy discusses his plans for aging.
"All work and no play" makes Jeremy a very dull boy.
Jeremy explains his way of guaging audience reaction.
Jeremy explains the his view on filming in Chicago.
Jeremy talks about firing staff/Roseanne remarks on his hairline. ...Or, watch the VIDEO

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