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08.25.08 Variety is reporting an official pickup for the "new" Cupid. Whoo!
06.13.08 CUPID RETURNS! CUPID has been reborn, albeit in a different skin. Alright, to us diehards it won't be the same, but any CUPID is better than none, and with Rob Thomas back at the helm, and some positive casting, things are looking up for this new incarnation:

ABC's remake of "Cupid" has landed its female lead in former "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" star Sarah Paulson. She'll star opposite Bobby Cannavale in the update of the late-'90s cult show. In "Cupid," Paulson will play Claire Allen, a psychiatrist who's assigned to keep tabs on Trevor Hale (Cannavale), who believes he's the titular god of love, after he's released from a mental institution. Paula Marshall played the role in the original series, which aired on ABC in 1998-99. Rob Thomas, who created the original series, is performing the same duties on the new version. The cast also includes Rick Gomez as the bar owner who offers Trevor a place to stay.
10.03.07 CUPID REBORN? According to VARIETY, ABC is going to give 'Cupid' another shot:

TV shows occasionally come back from the dead, "Family Guy" and "Jericho" being the most prominent recent examples. But a series revival eight years after its cancellation?

Believe it: ABC has asked "Veronica Mars" creator Rob Thomas to start working on a new version of his cult favorite "Cupid," which aired way back in the 20th century (the 1998-99 season, to be exact). Thomas has a development deal with ABC Studios and has been kicking around new version of the show with executives there.

"For the last couple years, I've been talking to ABC about how to do an anthological romantic comedy a la 'Cupid' or 'Love Boat,'" Thomas tells Variety. "We kept beating around ideas and kept coming back to 'Cupid' as the best of the group. So they said to me, 'Why not go back and do "Cupid" again?'"

The reborn "Cupid" will keep its original premise: A man recently released from a mental institution insists he's the god of love, banished to Earth for shoddy work and trying to unite (or reunite) 100 couples to gain re-admittance to Mt. Olympus. Intrigued, his court-appointed psychologist decides to keep tabs on him.

The 1998-99 series lasted only 15 episodes, leaving a cult of adoring fans to wonder whether Trevor really was a god. Thomas has said in the past that he knows the answer, but he's never divulged it publicly.

Minor changes in store will include the casting. Emmy-winner Piven is busy with the Entourage series so he and the rest of the original cast won't likely be taking part. The new series' main title sequence will communicate the show's premise so that Thomas won't have to re-explain it within the episodes. The series local will also change -- from the windy city to Los Angeles, in hopes of doing some high-profile stunt casting. Thomas shares, "The plan is to try to hook some really good guest stars every week."

Thomas thinks it can fare better this time around. "The zeitgeist is better for the show now, and ABC is a much better network for it now," he tells Variety. "They've got a lot of shows that could lead into it."
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  • 10.23.00 CUPID RETURNS! Rumour has it BRAVO has picked up all episodes of the show for air sometime very soon. Click here for E! Online's story.
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    02.24.99 Well folks, it looks as though it's really and truly over. Rob Thomas and Paula Marshall have signed to work on David E. Kelley's new show "Snoops" and we wish them well (hey, at least we know there will be one new thing worth watching next year). We fought the good fight -- that's all we could do. Thanks to everyone who wrote, emailed, faxed, called, harrassed and bamboozled on behalf of the show, I'm sure they appreciated it.
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    "Cupid has been a labor of love for everyone at ABC from the very start. The writing was phenomenal, the production was first rate, and the tremendous talent of its stars, Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall, really gave the show life. Unfortunately, despite everyone's efforts, the audience just didn't respond. As of today [Jan. 26], production has been suspended, but the show is scheduled to air on Jan. 28 and Feb. 11."
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