Trevor to the Singles Group: "Make a move. Get in the game. What, you gonna get hurt? Have a beautiful trainwreck."

Claire: "Trevor, stay."

?Singles group member? (about Trevor): "He's kind'a sexy." Claire: "Sexy, how?" ?Singles group member?: "Sexy in that 'I'd like to have sex with him' kind of way." Claire "No, he's not."

Trevor to Claire: "Kudos to whoever got you to dress like a woman tonight -- must be someone here you're hoping to impress." (evil giggle)

Trevor to the not-so-well-endowed ass at the bar: "You ever watch FAME? You know what I have in common with Bruno, Leroy, and Coco? I'm gonna live forever. What about you? You gonna live forever? See, it would saturate my pleasure gland to rip your skin off and make ponchos for the kids. So keep your paws off my shrink here, 'cause I'm a frustrated taxidermist and I'd love to go deep on ya -- We on the same team Butterbean?"

Claire: "There's someone for everyone, Trevor." Trevor: "You know, you say that, and even though I know better I... Somehow, I almost believe ya." Claire: "You've never been in love?" Trevor: "Not for more than twenty minutes."