"The Linguist"

Claire: "...You're forgetting that it took him a lifetime to establish himself as a, as a religious leader. Trevor: "But I'm a god, I already have a headstart." Claire: "Okay -- poverty, uh, humility, celibacy... As your psychologist I have to tell ya -- Not your strong suit. Trevor: "My religion's gonna be fun. Cupidians will cruise through the airport with a small cup that says "Keg Fund". Claire: "Cupidians?"

Trevor: It is high time the piercing light of truth cuts through the dim veil of psychobabble we wade through each week. I want to see the hands of everybody who comes here -- no for the yackedy-yacking of the over-educated and under-sexed, but instead who thought: Fresh meat. Alright? Tons and tons of fresh single meat. You know? Scoring here is going to be easier than Patrick Swayze making it happen at a strip mall. Lemme see your hands." Nick: "Yeah buddy."

Claire: "I am not interested. Trevor: "But you're well-proportioned and that counts for something." Claire: "*Interested*, not interesting." Trevor: "And you smell good."

Trevor: "Your boy needs some serious help." Claire: And that is exactly what I"m going to be giving him, so--" Trevor: "So..." Claire: So I think you should just stick to circling the personals there, and let me help him." Trevor: "Matchmaking, huh? I'll have to see your union card." Claire: "This is a special case."

Trevor: "Right for him' -- what does that mean?" Claire: "Right, right. Common background, common interests, common goals." Trevor: "I want to be set up by a woman who uses the word 'common" three times to describe my dream date." Claire: "As opposed to uncommon, I dunno."

Claire: "So... How ar-how are you doing? Any romantic prospects out on the lunatic fringe?" Trevor: "Are you allowed to talk to me that way?" Claire: "Yes." Trevor: "No." Claire: "'No', no I'm not? Or 'no' no romantic prospects?" Trevor: "Yes." Claire: "Wha -- I'm not playing this game." Trevor: "Not very well at least." Claire: You know what? You're the semantics grand champion. You win. Trevor: "Thank you."