"Heaven... He's in Heaven"

Trevor: Coffee without caffeine, could someone explain that to me. That's like sex without the spanking." Claire: "You caught me at a bad time, Trevor -- I'm here."

Claire: "Is there a point to all this, or are you just here to charm and delight me?" Trevor: "I have a bone to pick with you." Claire: "Ah, I was hoping for a boneless day."

Claire: "A number of people have benefited from my advice, you know." Trevor: "A number of people eat other people, that doesn't mean it's right for everyone."

Trevor: "I need your help." Claire: "I'm all ears." Trevor: "Actually, you're not. I've seen you naked... A god thing/Omnipotence. Third date, you were 25 yers old... Kind of a cosmic window-peeking thing, you've got a real nice--" Claire: "I would have thought changing the subject would have been a good idea."

Trevor: "That time of the month, huh?" (pause) Claire: "*What* did you say?" Trevor: "You know, the first -- rent's due, bills to pay. Always makes me cranky."

Trevor: "Doc, for what it's worth, I think that you've got a keeper here. She and her wonderfully passion-free take on relationships reminds me of that saying 'She's not getting older, she's getting bitter." Claire: "Bitter? Better. She's getting *better*. Better." Trevor: "Are ya sure? I... Well, I hate to banter and run but I've got a hundred things to do. Okay."

Trevor: "...Attention" Claire: "Attention from a streetful of strangers." Trevor: No, no, no. From a streetful of possibilities, every day we pass a thousand people on the street, right? Any one of them could be our Fred or Ginger. But we're too preoccupied to notice. 'Did my hair dry right?'; 'Does my tie go with my shirt?'; 'Should I have left Grandma at home with the Rottweillers when I'm out of kibble?'"

Claire: "Give me your hand." (pause) Trevor: "Ow. What was that?" Claire: "A prick. Trevor: "I doubt it, it was way too pointy."

Trevor: "I'm here to take you away from all this." Claire: "You are?" Trevor: "I are." Trevor: "It's been a rough couple of days for you. I think it's time for you to bust out, get a little crazy." Claire: "Hmm, Dr. Hale's prescription for mental health?" Trevor: "Yeah, you know -- nothing rough, nothing hard. It won't hurt you, I promise. We'll have fun."

Claire: "All I want to do is go home tonight and go to sleep." Trevor: "Nothing wrong with sleeping, it's my second favourite thing to do in bed."