"First Loves"

Laurence: "Cowboy Erwin up there is repressing a memory of a milking gone bad..."

Dr. Greeley: You're around Mr. Hale only a few hours a week, isn't it possible that he's on his best behaviour during that time?" Claire: "Hmm, there's a scary thought."

Trevor: "Go girl! Work that hoodoo-voodoo-psycho-mumbo-jumbo-mojo. Can I get a witness! I'd like to buy a vowel, Pat. What the hell is she talking about?" Champ: "She's a psychiatrist--" Trevor: "Psychologist. See, it's like the difference between 'cook' and 'chef'."

Trevor (to Sophie): "You're coming with us after that R-rated shadow-puppet-show?"

Trevor: "You're kind'a like my pet mental health professional. I figure if I can't impress you, the folks back home will shock me till my fillings glow -- I don't have any fillings, so that's just a metaphor."

Trevor: "You know, just 'cause you tease someone doesn't mean you like'em. It could mean that you think they're just a big pain in the watoosie.

Trevor: "I would like to believe that you're not going to send me back to the funny farm... but how do I know that the men with the oversized butterfly nets are not waiting for me back in Chicago?" Claire: "Trust me." Trevor: "Trust you. You know that I trust you Claire -- but some people say I suffer from delusion."