"End of an Eros"

Claire: You -- You know? I think what we need here is a little perspective." Trevor: "What we need is a broomstick extractor."

Gabe: I'm afraid that if I see someone that could be that one special person, I'll be too afraid or too desperate to even speak to her, and I'll watch the possibility for love -- for happiness -- walk out of my life."

Gabe: "We study the origins of the universe. Posit theories to explain how matter, energy, and time have come into existence. What do you do?" Bad date: "I work at the GAP."

Trevor: "You heard the Dragon Lady; 'Love is just a well-marketed fad about to go the way of the bellbottom'." Claire: "Bellbottoms came back." Trevor: "Yeah, doesn't make them any more attractive."

Trevor: "Imagine a world where no one puked anymore, you know? Where no one prayed to the porcelain god, ever, ever, ever again. That's my life. Wanna know why Professor Toilet? Because it's finished -- love is obsolete. Love has been replaced by vibrators, 'n chatrooms... People make 5 figures, demand pre-nups..."

Trevor: "Champoo! (singing) Look'it the Winnie the Champoo..." Champ: "Yes. Come on, let's get you home. Come on." Trevor: "No, no -- I can't go home. Can't go home until I get 200 people together. People don't want to fall in love anymore. Wanna know why?" Champ: "Because Cupid smells like a urinal?" Trevor: "No. Because love SUCKS."

Champ: At least you own't pull that drunk 'I love you man' crap." Trevor: "But I do. I do though -- and I'm not just sayin' that because I"m drunk, man. Let's have a moment. Let's have a little moment." Champ: "Oh god no, Trevor." Trevor: "I love you. I love you..."

(sound of retching) Trevor: "Oh god that hurts." Claire: "What's wrong with him?" Champ: "He had some demons to drown last night. This is his first hangover." Trevor: "How can I keep throwing up when there's nothing left in my stomach, it doesn't seem to--"

Trevor: Gabe thinks that Cyn is with the french guy, and it really gets him riled up because a) that's his woman and b) it's a french guy. So, BOOM -- he gets jealous and he takes out the little croissant man. (spoken in a bad french accent) 'Take that you little baguette -- don't you ever wear a beret in my house you little man!'. And then they get married and then they have little maraschino/olive children that goes -- Ploop."

Claire: "Ah, your filing system I presume..." Trevor: "Yes, IBM/Mac -- you know, who can choose? I can't. So many choices."

Trevor: "I'm sorry -- Did I just hear you advocate passion overriding analytical resolve?! Scully are you suddenly believing in aliens?" Claire: "No, but I believe in excitation transfers and positive arousal misattributions." Trevor: "No idea what you just said -- but it just turned me on."

Trevor: We can agree on things if you'd just say things thatI like -- Just like that. Claire: "How is it we're always fighting then?" Trevor: Well, you say something; I disagree wittily. And then you retort with a modicum of distain. And then you do a little thrust, then parry, thrust, parry, parry, Matthew Perry, Gaylord Perry, Sherri Perry, Perry Mason, parry, Luke Perry, William the Refrigerator Perry, parry, parry..." Claire: "I mean *why* Trevor." Trevor: "Because we disagree fundamentally on everything -- and you do this great little turn with your mouth when you get angry, you go like this..."

Trevor: "We can still get the French guy." Claire: "Would you be serious for one minute, please?" Trevor: "If you can be interesting for 5 seconds." Claire: Oh that's very funny. Where was all this dazzling wit when Wyatt was kicking sand in your face, huh?" Trevor: You know what? I was trying to keep your group from going to the dark side, that's what I was doing."

Claire: "We shouldn't be arguing here -- Your timing sucks." Trevor: "No it's actually pretty good -- Because you can't get a word in edgewise." Claire: "We're doing this. We're doing this. Yes, we're doing this." Trevor: "We're not." Claire: "We're doing this..."

Trevor: "Love reborn sugarplum. It's like a bad rash, you know? It goes away, comes back --" Dr. Wyatt: "Itches." Trevor: "Yeah, but it's damned gratifying to scratch."